Korean Face with Fat Graft Lipofilling

Fat grafting is a minor surgery operation that gently removes the fat from the tummy or thigh (whichever you prefer) and process it for fat grafting on the face to fill in some hollowness or empty spaces, dents, unbalanced features on the face such as the forehead, temples, under the eyes, laugh lines, flat cheeks and others.

Fat grafting can also make the face look young because of the plumpness result. DRK's technique for fat grafting face filling can not only give a youthful look but also the Korean Beauty style that most Asian girls dig for.

***Before Fat Graft Lipofilling***

Hi everyone, I'm Loolita, I am a model in Thailand. In my profession, beauty is the number one competition. We have to be beautiful all the time, and not just simple beauty, it has to be the best kind of beauty.

So what's the best kind of beauty for Asian girl? for me, it's the Korean Beauty! I did my research about Korean ideal facial balance, and one that popped out is about having a balanced forehead. Vshape is not my priority because I think my face (lower and cheeks) already achieved Vshape so no need to have chin augmentation nor buccal fat removal.

My concern is my forehead because somehow the upper part is pressed too backwards. With Fat graft lipofilling, it will enhance the shape thus leaving the upper portion of the face balanced.


This is the outcome right after my fat graft lipofilling operation. The incision size is very small, that's where the fat graft are injected. The operation took an hour and half including the liposuction of fat in my tummy, processing the fat to create stem cell enriched formula then injected on my forehead.


The projection of my forehead fat graft gives dimension to the upper portion of my face. That's the Korean ideal facial balance. I am very excited to get it all healed and to see the final result.


The swelling is not obvious, lucky to have no terrible bruises, I can still go out and do my normal stuff. I am very happy that I recovered in just few days! No complication nor infection whatsoever!

***5 DAYS After Fat Graft***

The projection of my forehead gives me a better facial feature. My eyebrows and eyes are somewhat emphasized.

DRK gave me the Korean beauty that I've been dreaming of, and for that I have gained more confidence about myself. Many people have told me that I look different and they cannot notice that I did plastic surgery because I look natural. No indication that I have undergone a procedure.


I am more than 100% satisfied with the outcome of my fat graft fat filling. Since the projection of my forehead are enhanced, the dimension of the upper portion of my face are enhanced too.

I am forever thankful to DRK for the best times, the experience and the result I have gained is a life changing event in my life. I have achieved the beauty I want, the safety and satisfaction I was expecting are reached and the overall result are outstanding.

If you want to achieve the beauty you dreamed of, call DRK now!!!

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