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1 week recovery with Men Double Eyelid for Handsome look

Double Eyelid Surgery

Enhancing the upper eyelid gives a better expression and look to my face. NO MORE SAD EYES with Double Eyelid surgery at DRK.


double eyelid surgery

For men, it is indeed unusual to have plastic surgery because some people don't accept the idea of a man doing vanity actions such as going under the knife to improve their appearance. But for me, these sad boring emotionless eyes are giving me no self-confidence.

DRK is very popular in Thailand, they are one of the most trusted plastic surgery center. They have good reputation, well-experienced surgeons and outstanding outcomes. There are lots of plastic surgery centers here in Thailand but some doctors give me a different advise for my double eyelid surgery and didn't have full confidence to do the operation with them.


double eyelid surgery

DRK surgeon perfected the double eyelid surgery without delay, no complication and no pain. I felt very relaxed and secured the entire operation. There's no bleeding during and even after the surgery. I can go home the same day after the double eyelid surgery and continue my rest at home with the medicines prescribed to me.


double eyelid surgery

In just a week, the incision wound have healed. Although it is a bit swollen, I'm back to my normal routine. My eyes don't hurt anymore, I don't need to take pain killer meds.

Above all, the height of my double eyelids really have given a good definition to my eyes. I cannot wait till the swelling totally subsides!

The incision wound has already closed. The stitches may not be removed is okay, but if I choose to remove it, it is possible as well. The important is, I didn't have complication nor infection.

My eyes now have natural double eyelid, no more swelling and incision wound. The incision left no scar, it only look like a natural crease of my eyes. I like how the double eyelid changed the expression of my face. I don't have sad eyes anymore!

Thank you DRK for changing my the look of my eyes and giving me the best care possible.

For men that yearn to improve self, I highly recommend DRK. They have good quality services, the personnel are very friendly and assistive. They have complete and cutting edge facility, you will feel very safe and secured. Clean and cozy environment. And most importantly, they have well-experienced surgeons that will surely give you the best outcome.

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