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From Laos to Bangkok to solve my nose for Revision Rhinoplasty at DRK

There’s only one way to get the best revision rhinoplasty, it is to fly to Bangkok and do it at DRK. Yes darlings, DRK. How did I know DRK? because of my costars at The WOW LAOS that had plastic surgery done there. I am really amazed how incredible their makeovers are and how it changes their lives. Aside from the magnificent result physically, their personality also became positive and happy.

So I decided to make a trip to Bangkok for my revision rhinoplasty, to correct my previous nose (rhinoplasty) operation.

I wanted to change the dimension of my nose that will give me a balanced look. DRK surgeons know how to measure with perfect angle to the person’s facial structure. Not to over do it and not less. Plus they use USA made implant that guarantees a good quality material for long-lasting and safe result.


My previous nose looked awful, the height was very straight to the tip of the nose. It made me look like a witch. It has no dimension nor curve to give it a soft look. I have some doubts about it and gradually my confident about how I look decreases… I’ve been looking around Laos for a good surgeon to correct my nose for revision rhinoplasty but ended up hopeless….

That’s why I feel very lucky to have known DRK Medical Group also known as DRK Beauty Clinic. Now I have a chance to change my nose and improve how I look.


The 360° Dimension Soft Nose design by DRK for me really gave me a different look. People say that my face become more lovely and friendly unlike before that I look witchy with my nose. I recovered in just a week without any complication from my revision rhinoplasty procedure. My recovery period was safe, easy and fast! It was never difficult for me, plus the result is naturally beautiful.

With Soft Nose 360° Dimension Rhinoplasty, the projection of the nose gave a balanced look to the whole facial structure. There is no incision sticking outside the nose, and the placement of the silicone implant is perfectly in the middle.

DRK surgeon is really skilled and expert to this field (Rhinoplasty) for the Bloodless technique that made the operation a lot more accessible for the surgeon to operation and above all, it will deliver less swelling and less bruises on my nose. That’s why the recovery from rhinoplasty was easy and fast.

The operating room has standardized procedure and the area is exercises sterile technique. Very clean and smells good. It gave me more confidence about my revision rhinoplasty surgery.

I would like to thank DRK Medical Group personnel for taking care of me and assisting me all throughout the process, since day one until the very end. They are all friendly and approachable. I am forever grateful for my surgeon for this incredible makeover transformation. I super love my new nose! I am more than 100% satisfied with the result!

For those who have failed in their previous rhinoplasty, DRK can fix it! You will gain your confidence even more! Your beauty transformation will change your life as it changed mine! Feel good about yourself, look good, and feel great!

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