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Men must not have chubby cheeks!

Double Eyelid surgery

For men, chubby cheeks are not manly. That’s what a real man would say, we prefer to have a strong features, a defined jawline and chiseled face. Those qualities can only be achieved without a chubby cheeks.

With fatty face how would a man able to feel his manhood. It will definitely lose our confidence, and with me I wanted to get rid of my chubby cheeks for so long. I was just waiting for the best and right doctor to do it.


People were fond of pinching my face like I am a boy, because they think the chubby face is cute and adorable. Well I don’t want to be everyone’s doll. I want to be a man that everyone respects and admire.

It was a painstaking task to look a pool of plastic surgery centers and hospitals here in Thailand, especially when there are so many growing and competitions are everywhere. But lucky to have found DRK, which was recommended by a trusted friend who also had a plastic surgery with DRK.

DRK is one of the popular and trusted plastic surgery center in the country. By the feedback of the celebrities and patients from other countries, they have gained trust and loyalty from them. As I have checked the website and social media, I’ve seen so many incredible makeovers and transformations of people and that they obtained their desired look and confidence.


Buccal fat removal is the best procedure to get rid of my chubby cheeks. This procedure is by removing the buccal fat pad that once removed will not come back. This buccal fat pad normally disappear as we grow old, but for some people the process of disappearing takes longer than it supposed to be.

The Buccal fat removal operation took almost an hour. The doctor is very skillful and well experience for giving me a safe and comfortable surgery. After resting at the recovery room, I can go back home and continue my recovery.


I have to wear this compression garment over the face and apply the ice to help reduce the swelling faster. I gotta stay home so I could do it continuously.


What an incredible surprise!!! When I removed the face garment, I see NO terrible swelling, NO bruises! I am very relieved that there is no sign of infection nor complication. I can go back to my normal routine now!


Going to work with a great mood. I am very satisfied with the safe and fast recovery! My friends are astounded with how fast and incredible the result is!

In just a week, I can already see changes in my face. The chubby face starts to disappear. The incision inside already healed. I am back to normal life!!

My jawline is emphasized now because the fatty cheeks are gone! I feel the strong manly look! and I am very confident and satisfied with the result!


The success of this Buccal Fat Removal surgery would not be possible without the help of DRK surgeon and personnel. That’s why, with all sincerity I thank you all for making this incredible journey for me. I have gained the manly chiseled face I have longed for and the confidence of a man.

Also, thank you for reading!

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