4D Nose Design paired with Glowing Eyes

Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty also known as Double Eyelid surgery are one of the known plastic combination to start a NEW BEAUTIFUL FACE.

Hi again! If you haven’t seen my first makeover operation, you can check it at https://bit.ly/2pHjEUs , that’s my Jaw surgery V-Line contour review. After having the best and outstanding result, I have always been a loyal patient to DRK.

So now, I have decided to enhance the dimension of my nose, since the nose is the center of the face it is very important to have a perfect balance ratio that would create a perfect face. Plus with a defined upper eyelid crease that would give lively expression and glow to the eyes, to set the mood of your emotion. These two combination of plastic surgery definitely adds up to the dream beauty I have been wishing for!

I had a rhinoplasty before from other clinic, and the sad part was I have a complication. The silicone was not placed properly, it was positioned slant leaving it look unbalanced, unnatural and not attractive.

My doctor at DRK gave me hope to gain my confidence back again. He measured my nose, it’s length and elasticity, and customized the silicone (made in the USA) to fit perfectly to my facial structure and style. We both agreed to the plan and procedure. I really like DRK because they give you a realistic result.

Look at the previous silicone that was made for me from other clinic, the shape if off and it was really asymmetric in shape. I was really shocked and sad to see that the previous doctor made something like that for me.


I can say that the operation went well. It was securing, comfortable and painless. It is the most easing plastic surgery I ever had! Good to see no presence of bleeding and terrible outcome after. Now I have to rest for a few days.

***from 2nd to 5th to 10th to 1 WEEK of RECOVERY after


Amazing to have a quick recovery! In just a week I was back to my normal routine! My friends told me that I look like I didn't undergo plastic surgery because there are no signs of bruises and swelling! Plus I look naturally beautiful!



Thank you once again DRK for making my beauty dream come true! You never ceased to amaze me! You are always my number one and the best plastic surgery center on earth!

My nose is perfectly positioned, the shape and how it was projected gives my face a balanced and natural lovely look. My eyes are glowing and attractive, I couldn't ask for more! Thank you with all my heart!

Till next time!

#doubleeyelid #revisionrhinoplasty

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