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Naturally beautiful eyes give me confidence! Double Eyelid surgery at DRK is magic!

Double Eyelid surgery

Eye transformation through Double Eyelid surgery solves your boring, dull, tired-looking eyes problem! DRK has a group of outstanding well-experienced surgeons that knows very well how to make a beautiful natural crease for double eyelid!

Guys, some might say you don't need plastic surgery anymore, people may discourage you to result in plastic surgery because of so many reasons. They might have a point, but what matters is YOU.

Typical Asians have poor upper eyelid, short, little, not defined and worse none. No double eyelid at all. In my case, I have a small height of crease. Which makes my eyes look like I just cried, inexpressive and just dull. It's really difficult to just put heavy makeup to give emphasis to the eyes.


If you could notice, my upper eyelid before the double eyelid surgery is really dull. It gives me a boring tire-looking face. If I don't put makeup, my eyes are very unattractive.

So I decided to give myself a chance to be happy. And plastic surgery is the only solution to my struggle. I have many clinic recommendations but only one clinic remained to my mind, DRK. The consultation I have with their surgeon was very clear and REALISTIC.

DRK surgeon measured the length of my eyes and the width, it will be the base on what is the appropriate height of my double eyelid crease. I has to be measured so it will have a natural result.


The operation went well, they administered a local anesthesia to manage the pain. I feel comfortable and secure the entire double eyelid operation, the medical team in the OR were all attentive and assistive to the operation, and monitored me well.

The result after you can see that the incision is small and no bleeding. The doctor said that I will have swelling in 3days and then will gradually subside in the following days. I have to take care of my incision wound by cleaning it with anti bacterial ointment they gave me plus oral medicines.


QUICK recovery INSTANT result! Everybody's surprise to see me healed very fast! In just a week, I couldn't see terrible swelling, no bruises and no complications! The incision would from double eyelid surgery already healed! It was a good progression! I just have to wait till the wound will fade and look like a normal crease.


After a month, the scar has faded, and it will continue to fade over the time. The result of my double eyelid surgery improved my looks, my eyes become expressive. I don't look boring and inexpressive. With my natural double eyelid, I feel like I was born with it!

DRK has given me the safest and fastest double eyelid surgery recovery period. Moreover, the result give me the confidence I have never felt before. My friends and family said that I am more joyful after I had double eyelid surgery.

double eyelid

Thank you so much DRK for my gorgeous eyes! I will surely come back for more plastic surgery!

double eyelid

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