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No more chubby cheeks with Buccal Fat Removal surgery by DRK

Vshape Face

Girls like to have the slim face look because it makes us feel sexy. Chubby cheeks are for babies and we're not babies anymore. Plus, Vshape face is the trend look for Asian girls because it is the popular beauty style started by Koreans, and to be frank it's actually a good beauty fashion. Vshape face suits to all Asian women.

So this is me before I had Buccal fat removal surgery at DRK. I have chubby cheeks and I am not confident about it. I feel fat because of my chubby cheeks. I was thinking of ways to get rid of it but nothing seems to work.

I look up on the internet and found DRK is one of the most recommended plastic surgery center of celebrities in Thailand as well as other neighboring countries. I checked the results and the patients feedback about the procedure and they look very satisfied with it.

During my buccal fat removal consultation with DRK, the doctor explained thoroughly about the surgery and what will be my preparations and post instructions for my recovery. The incision will be inside the cheeks so there will be no scar that can be seen on the face. The result will be natural, although I have to be careful on my food and how to clean my mouth.


The buccal fat removal surgery took less than an hour. I was injected local anesthesia for pain, and thank heavens I did not feel any pain at all. The surgery was comfortable and I was at ease. The doctor and the medical personnel monitored my status the entire operation.

Right after the buccal fat removal, I was sent to the recovery room to rest until I was feeling better to go back home and continue my rest. I was advised to wear this facial compressive garment to help reduce the swelling faster and augment it with the ice packs for 3 days.


buccal fat removal

On the second day after my buccal fat removal surgery, I still have to stay at home because I have to wear the face wrap. I can remove it on the 3rd day then I'm allowed to remove it during the day but wear it back during night time.

Lucky to have no terrible bruises around my face, and no pain thanks to the medicines that DRK provided me.


Vshape face

WHEW!!! I am more than happy to see the my face in just a week!!! NO MORE SWELLING!! I can see that my face is back to normal and I can do my routine! The recovery time is very fast! Most importantly I was safe!!! I didn't have any complications, no infections whatsoever!


buccal fat removal

The changes on my look is drastic! really magical! I love how my face has slimmed! I look like a Korean now... My friends are so impressed with the result and they wanted to do buccal fat removal at DRK too!

Vshape face

Notice the comparison between before and after photos. My cheeks achieved the VSHAPE contour! I feel sexy now because of my slim face. Buccal fat removal surgery really worth well to be undergone. I am very happy to have DRK to help me feel confident.

Vshape face

The recovery period was very safe and fast. for 3 days, I have to stay home because that's the period I have to wear the face garment, but after that everything went smooth. No pain, no terrible bruises, swelling is tolerable and I feel fine. I can do usual things at home and I feel great.

Now I have the VSHAPE face and feeling KOREAN hahha! Thanks to DRK for making my dream come true. The buccal fat removal surgery works!!! Thank you so much!

Vshape face

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