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HANDSOME LOOKING EYES! Double Eyelid surgery made me MAGNETIC!

Double Eyelid

Enhancing the upper eyelid gave emphasis to the shape of my eyes. It makes me look more expressive and young.

Double eyelid surgery is one of the common plastic surgery procedures done for typical Asians, why? because we are born to have monolids or not-so-defined double eyelids. It gives us the sleepy, boring, tired, old look. Name it, it's there.

That's why it is normal for Asians both women and men do Double Eyelid surgery to enhance the eye features and give glow to our mood and facial expression.

In Thailand, there are thousands of plastic surgery hospitals and clinics where they all claim to be good and the best. How would you know you're going to choose the right one? Well, it was not easy to look for the one that fits your style but I'm lucky I've found the right plastic surgery center to do Double Eyelid surgery for me.

DRK has first many recommendations, they have credible celebrities who are loyal to them and I can really see the reviews and before and after results! I find it very amusing and amazing! Plus their surgeons are all BOARD CERTIFIED surgeons! With expertise in each field.

They have a good clinic environment, clean and organized. With good medical secretaries to assist my queries about Double Eyelid surgery. I am very impressed with their high-quality services.


The Double Eyelid surgery technique by DRK uses a BLOODLESS proficiency to ensure that the operation will have no bleeding during and after. This method gives me the confidence that my recovery will not have complications. And as you can see, in 3 days, the swelling starts to subside and there's no visible bruises.


SAFE and FAST recovery from Double Eyelid surgery!!! In less than a week, I can do my daily routine! People couldn't notice that I had undergone an operation! I feel that I'm back to normal!


double eyelid

Yes, it may seem impossible but it is possible!!! In just a week, the incision is already close! I will have to wait til the scar will fade and disappear. The incision will form like a normal crease of my eyes so still it would look like natural!!!

Thank you so much DRK for my eye transformation through Double Eyelid surgery. No more dull, boring, tired and old looking eyes! I am more confident about how I look because I have an expressive and magnetic eyes!!

double eyelid

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