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S-Curve Nose Line Korean Style Rhinoplasty by DRK

Rhinoplasty Thailand
rhinoplasty thailand

From super straight witchy nose to barbie shape S-Curve Nose line has definitely improve the appearance and enhances my confidence!

Why do we need to enhance our nose? it's not because it just don't look good on us, it is because there's a better version of it. We are all entitled to improve our look because we have the right to feel happy and confident about ourselves.

I am very lucky to have DRK as my beauty maker in making my dream look come true. I once had a straight nasal bridge and has no dimension to my facial structure. It looks boring and I'm not contented about it.


I didn't like the tip of my nose, it was pointing down and makes me look mischievous because of it. It's not a friendly pretty look for a lady.

That's why I decided to result to plastic surgery, because there's no other way that could give me the look that I wanted.

There are lots of plastic surgery centers in Thailand and many good doctors, but what caught my interest is DRK. They have a very good feedback from patients and the results are incredibly beautiful and natural.

So I confidently choose DRK in this quest of changing my nose because I believe that they can deliver the result that I wanted.

The consultation was agreed to use silicone implant made in the USA to be carved with an S-curve nose line and the tip will be slightly point upward to give a dramatic dimension.

rhinoplasty thailand

The rhinoplasty surgery went well, I had no bleeding and no discomforts during the operation. The surgery went less than an hour and after I was sent to recovery room to get some rest.

For my home medication, I need rest for 3 days with cold packs around the nasal area to help reduce the swelling faster. I was advised to clean my face with a soft cotton and avoid the nose to get wet. But I can take a bath and also clean the nose with betadine.

rhinoplasty thailand

Still swelling up to now but luckily I have no terrible bruises, and the pain is bearable, it can be resolved with my pain medications.

rhinoplasty thailand

I'm happy to see my nose without the plaster, the rhinoplasty surgery by DRK is so safe it didn't hurt my tissue thus giving me a fast recovery. Can you imagine in just 5 days I can go back to my normal routine without anyone noticing I had rhinoplasty surgery.

rhinoplasty thailand

All of my friends and my relatives are very happy to see my new nose! They are surprised and amazed with how I look! It really changed my face because of the dimension of the nose.

In just 6 days, it almost look like I am back to normal!!! I really love everything about the outcome!

I would like to thank DRK for making my dream nose come true. The S-curve nose line gives a gold balance ratio to my whole face. The expression is different, I look prettier with the S-curve. My friends call me Barbie doll because of my nose and I love it so much!

rhinoplasty thailand


rhinoplasty thailand

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