LIP SENSE, Kissable Heart lips!

No more boring dull lips, DRK has an incredible technique in making the lips kissable and more attractive than ever!

It's me again, Ms. Ploy, Grand Rising Star Thailand. After I had rhinoplasty and Vshape Buccal fat removal at DRK, I decided to do another makeover and this time will be my lips.

I think that my lips are shapeless and boring, it don't give any magnificent aura to me. So I decided to enhance it by defining its shape to "heart"- this technique by DRK will give a cute shape to my lips.

The lips reshape surgery took less than an hour, the procedure was shaping my upper and lower lips by cutting a very small portion and stitch together to make a shape. The anesthesia was local, I was comfortable the entire operation. The bloodless technique was very helpful leaving it no harm and no bleeding during the surgery.

***photos taken right after the surgery***

After my lips reshape operation, I had an ample time to rest at the recovery room till I was ready to go back home and continue my rest. The home medications are easy and instructions are to apply ice over the area for 3 days to help reduce the swelling right away. Plus no brushing of teeth, no hot and spicy food and beverages. I can clean my mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash for the meantime.

It might look terrible for you looking at my lips like that but believe me, I've seen worse. The stitches will be gone in time. They are absorbable but doc said it can be removed if my lips are dry and healed. It's normally swollen at this point.

***1 DAY after Lips Reshape***

***2 DAYS after Lips Reshape***

Although my lips are still swollen, I am lucky that I don't have terrible bruises. The pain is very minimal, it could be treated with the pain reliever.

***3 DAYS after Lips Reshape***

The incision wound almost healed! I healed very fast! In just 3 days the stitches dissolves and my lips are beginning to heal naturally. This time, no more pain. but swollen is still visible.

***5 DAYS after Lips Reshape***

My lips are getting better and better. Although the swelling is still visible, I am happy to see that the stitches are less obvious at this point. And happy to feel no pain nor discomforts. Just that I have to wear mask when I go out.

***1 WEEK After Lips Reshape***

The swollen begins to subside.

***1 MONTH AFTER Lips Reshape***

Notice the shape of my lips, it curved like a heart. I love how my new lips give a beautiful impression to my whole face. Aside from that, the result is stunning, NO SCAR at all! It is as if I didn't have any surgery at all! NATURAL and BEAUTIFUL result!


I love the changes made on my lips, it gives my face an adorable and friendly look. No more dull and boring face with grumpy expression. The heart shaped lips really suits my style.

Once again, thanks to DRK for making my dream lips come true. My confidence with DRK grows and the loyalty and trust I have in them grows deeper as well. I would always choose DRK as my beauty maker because I know that they will make the best for their patients.

So to those who want to look and feel beautiful and confident, I recommend DRK. I have experience their greatness, and you have the chance to experience your own great stories too.


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