KOREAN Face is VSHAPE face!

Chubby face sure is cute but not for grown up ladies who want to look sexy and daring.

There's a way to get rid of the flabby fatty cheeks permanently, the BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL surgery eliminates the buccal fat pad inside the cheeks without complication. NO SCAR, FAST recovery and PERMANENT result!

Hi I'm Yok from Thailand. I do some modeling around the country and I dream to have the Vshape face like Korean beauty. Korean beauty has a huge impact to Asians especially to girls. Majority of us desire to have the same skin color, the eyes, the nose and the shape of the face. Why? because Korean beauty represents the ideal beauty for Asians. And the style of beauty suits most of the Asian girls.

For me, I have this obsession with Vshape look. Vshape gives a soft and cute look, and I want to achieve that for myself. Since I have this round chubby cheeks, I feel like I look fat and it's inproportionate to my body structure.

DRK is one of the top leading plastic surgery in the country, they have well-experienced doctors, outstanding results and highly recommended feedbacks from patients around the globe.

The BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL procedure took less than an hour. It was amazingly comfortable and secured surgery. The nurses assisted me prior surgery, they have a strict policy for sterile technique environment in their Operating Room. Once they administer the IVF and monitored my vitals, they thoroughly cleanse me on the operating table.

Once the local anesthesia was injected, I didn't feel any discomfort the entire procedure. It was quick, easy and securing. I didn't feel any nervous or anxious feeling. After the surgery, I was sent to the recovery room which is very luxurious and relaxing. I felt like I was in a hotel having some treatment at the hospital.

The following day after my buccal fat removal. I have to wear this compressive facial garment and apply cold packs for 3 days to help reduce the swelling faster. Aside from that, DRK gave me home meds for anti infection, anti swelling and pain killer.

I was advised not to brush my teeth hence clean my mouth by using a mouthwash for 3 days. I should not eat hot and spicy food and beverage to prevent the incision inside to get irritated.

The second day was better than the first hahaha of course. Though I have to stay at home so I could keep my bandage around the face.

The third day after buccal fat removal surgery, I feel a lot better. I don't feel any pain inside my mouth and the incision wound is dry. Although the doctor say that the swelling may not be completely gone at this point. I have to wait for few more days to see it subsides.

The forth day! Amazing! there is no signs of bruises! No zombie face! I can literally go out and do my normal routine as usual! It felt like I didn't undergo surgery! Nobody could tell I did plastic surgery!!!! this is so great!

My friends say it was really incredible that my recovery was fast and easy! I had no terrible bruises, I didn't look like a zombie, I was back to my normal routine instantly, and my face is just amazing!

In just 1 week my face looks different from before!!! I can see the slight VSHAPE face! The doctor said the face will gradually slim in time until 3months maximum.

But as this time, I can really notice how my face changed. The flabby cheeks were gone, and I have no round face anymore. I can see how my cheeks slimmed dramatically.

It was an unexplainable experience with DRK. I have achieved my dream face without worrying in any way. I was confident from the beginning till the end of my recovery. And now, seeing the outcome of VSHAPE face SLIM CHEEKS, I could really say that it is SUCCESSFUL.

I am thankful to my surgeon who made my face the face of what I dreamed of. And I am truly grateful for everything DRK has done for me, for being my assistant for this beauty journey and being a friend.

I love my VSHAPE slim cheeks and I love DRK!

I will surely come back for more beauty makeover!

#Vshape #buccalfatremoval

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