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10 years YOUNGER with Thread Lift

Thread Lift is an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure designed to gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks and jowls. Aside from lifting and firming the skin, the threads deliberately stimulate the collagen formation to proliferate and repair damage tissues caused by aging and harmful substances such as the heat of the sun and pollution.

YES, you can achieve youthfulness without the last resort of plastic surgery. The thread lift can address the aging problems in a procedure that won't cost you much, no severe and intensive procedure, less downtime, and more convenient for you!

Photos above are taken before I had thread lift procedure. You can observe the drooping eyes, nasolabial lines, and saggy cheeks. I look very old, in fact older than my age. When I tell people my age, they all have the shocked reaction because they didn't expect that I'm younger than how I looked.

I began to lose confidence about myself. I tried so many ways to improve my looks by injecting botox and have laser treatments but it seems like the result couldn't reach the expectation I wanted.

I was left between thread lift and facelift, but I am not the best candidate for facelift surgery. First of all, I am too young to get a facelift, if I do it know, in the next 10 to 15 years there's a probability that I might need to do it again. Second, I am not looking for something intensive, I want a mild procedure that doesn't need major operation.

The thread lift procedure is the best option for me, this procedure is non surgical. Doesn't need to be hospitalized and no general anesthesia. All I need is a local anesthesia. The incision is very small that it could easily disappear in a given time.

***2 weeks after thread lift***

I am very happy with the outcome. Safe and easy procedure, fast and comfortable recovery, no scar, minimal swelling, no terrible bruises! I am back to my routine the following day after the procedure!

No more droopy eyes! My eyes look incredibly younger! As you can see, when the thread lifted my face and my temples, it lifted the side of the eyes thus giving it a defined crease! I didn't expect that the thread lift would give so much improvement to my eyes like this! I love it so much! I don't look tired and sleepy anymore!

The difference of my cheeks from the obvious nasolabial lines and squared face to fine smooth laugh line and VSHAPE face! Do you now realize the magic that thread lift can do? It lifted the saggy cheeks and jowls leaving my face to a slim Vshape face!

Notice the jowls, the jawline was reduced through the thread lift. The threads that were inserted created a power lifting effect that makes the skin lifted and firmed. I am very happy to see a very impressive result, this is more than I expected!

I am very happy to see the new me after a month! the threads help formulate collagen in my skin. This collagen will repair my damaged tissues and create young new cells thus make me look fresh and younger.

My face didn't just lifted and firmed, it also improves the quality of the skin because of the collagen production. I love how I look now! All my friends are astound to see the new me! They notice how big changes that happened to me!

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