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No more round face with Buccal Fat Removal!

Vshape face is the trending beauty for Asians. Vshape is a trademark look of Koreans projecting the lovely and calm features of a Barbie.

I want to look like Koreans. They have this soft and cute look because of the VSHAPE face they have. How can I achieve this look? I’ve searched for a lot of procedures and arrived with laser treatments, botox, surgeries and threading. The laser, botox and threading are non-surgical which is good because it’s close to natural but the result doesn’t last long. For surgery, there are procedures such as enhancing the chin prominence to achieve VSHAPE, facial liposuction (that is not an option for me because first it is very risky to the facial nerves and the scars will be visible) jaw surgery (no option too because it’s a serious major surgery which I am not prepared for) and lastly buccal fat removal.

This buccal fat removal surgery is a minor operation that only requires local anesthesia, no need for hospitalization and recovery is fast.

There are few trusted clinics and doctors in Thailand. It was quite a painstaking search and decision on which clinic or hospital I would go to. I have been to top 5 clinics and considered their advices. Although DRK struck me the most, from the quality of services they have, the accurate consultation views and realistic outcomes, the facilities and surgeon’s profile. Mostly, the patients’ feedback and reviews are incredibly amazing and stunning. They have many celebrities in Thailand as well as surrounding countries who continually trusting them.

Then I choose DRK as my Beauty Maker. I am confident with my decision as I believe that DRK will give me the best and safest buccal fat removal surgery, and make my dream beauty come true.

The surgery was comfortable and painless. When the anesthesia was instilled, everything that follows felt almost nothing. The doctor made sure that I am perfectly fine and at ease the entire procedure, checking my vitals and activeness to the procedural instructions.

Viola!! surgery is done! Look at my buccal fat pad, removed and gone forever!

After the buccal fat removal surgery, the nurse delivered me to the recovery room to have some rest for a while. I have to wear compression garment and apply ice pack for 3 days to help reduce the swelling faster.

***2 DAYS AFTER Buccal Fat Removal***

Still swollen but luckily the pain is bearable.

***3 DAYS AFTER Buccal Fat Removal***

***4 DAYS AFTER Buccal Fat Removal***

No more compression garment, I’m still swollen but happy to have no bruises. I somehow giggle when I look at my face in the mirror because of the swollen face but I’m happy that my routine is back to normal. The doctor said that the swelling will soon subside.

***7DAYS AFTER Buccal Fat Removal***

Truly fascinating result! with a recovery process of 1 week, I could see a good outcome from Buccal Fat removal surgery. My doctor said that it will gradually take effect until 3 months. So I have several weeks to come up with the maximum result.

Korean beauty is in me! I am very satisfied and happy with my new look! Thank you so much DRK for making my dream beauty come true!!

The naturally beautiful result gave it 100points! Safe and fast recovery gave me a calm and secured feeling during those coping times. I am grateful to have DRK staff taking care of me all throughout.

The VSHAPE face is now achieved through successful buccal fat removal operation performed by my BEAUTY MAKER DRK.

Thank you so much for giving this beautiful face!

Till next time!

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