Model VSHAPE Chiseled Man look through Buccal Fat Removal

No. 1 best choice to achieve VShape Face! Buccal Fat Removal surgery by DRK assures you 100% VSHAPE face! This is how I got rid of my chubby round face and achieved the manly look with CHISELED jaws!

Hi everyone, I'm Win. I am a model here in Thailand. I also joined the reality show called The FACE MEN. Believe it or not, it is normal for public figure like me to have some insecurities and desires to improve ourselves. In fact it is even more common or some have extreme desires to look the best of all the best.

My concern was my floppy flabby chubby cheeks. When I have photoshoots with my colleagues, my cheeks have this disgustingly outstanding view of being unattractively round. It's really annoying especially when the other male models have defined jawlines.

I have known DRK for so long because most of my colleagues and other net idol in Thailand trust them for skin and beauty improvements and maintenance. I chose DRK to maintain my youthful flawless look by BOTOX Allergan injection with Dr. Sarittha who has specialized in Anti-aging in France.

And also Dr. Pui for collagen and botox injection as well. I trust all dermatologists and skin specialists at DRK. They are all well-experienced and very professional at their field. My skin and face improve a lot and people couldn't guess my age right. I have gained so many compliments with how my face look radiant and flawless. They didn't know that DRK is my top secret ingredient!

The effect of botox injection to my face helped improved my wrinkles and the I also had some injection to my masseter which minimizes the imbalanced enlargement of my jaw muscles. Now it looks balance and symmetric.

Although when I shaved off my beard, the chubbiness of my cheeks emphasizes. So the best remedy is surgery. I conclude on having buccal fat removal because it is the only way to get rid of this unwanted fat on my face.

As soon as I had my consultation with DRK surgeon, I am completely decided and confident to have buccal fat removal surgery. The procedure will take for about 45-60 minutes to be held in DRK Operating Room. The incision will be inside the cheeks to have an access to the buccal fat pad using BLOODLESS technique to clearly see the facial nerves and prevent damaging them. Since the incision is inside, there will be no visible scar on the face, so no sign of surgery.

I was advised to wear compression garment for 3 days plus cold packs around the face to help reduce the swelling faster.

Buccal Fat removal really achieved the chiseled look that I’ve been yearning for. Now, my photos and portfolios appear to be manly as I expected.

I am confident to say that my surgery was a success, based on the result I would definitely say that I have achieved the expected outcome 100%. The unwanted fatty face is now chiseled and VSHAPEd.

DRK’s outstanding technique on performing surgery gave me the result I desired without causing me hassle, inconvenience nor complication. Aside from that my recovery was safest, easiest and fastest I could ever imagine.

Thank you DRK for this handsome look! See you around!

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