A face that Shapes like a V, is definitely a beauty!

Chin augmentation by DRK enhances the feature on the lower part of the face thus achieves the Gold Balance Facial Ratio.

Hi guys, I'm Plaifon. I'm a TV host on a local channel here in Thailand. Having a tv show exposure requires a representable appearance. Of course, I have tried my best to look the most pleasant appeal to look great on tv. But I still have desires on enhancing my facial features. I wanted to look more beautiful.

This is my co-host. He is also like my best buddy. I asked him for some advice if I should go have the beauty trend VSHAPE face. I was leaning towards doing chin augmentation. And I'm so eager to talk to the best surgeons in town to give me the best advice.

DRK is my SKIN SPECIALIST. They have dermatologists that are very experienced with new techniques with treatments and lasers.

I had a TITAN laser for lifting, tightening, firming and also helps making my face shape like a V. This Titan laser leaves no burn, no pain and no downtime. The results can be noticed immediately after one session! Really fantastic guys!

One of my beauty ingredients is the SNOW WHITE VITAMIN C infusion. It is really healthy for it has micronutrients and minerals contents. It makes the skin brighter, radiant, smooth, and fresh look! For about 3-4 session you will see an amazing result!

Lifting effect with BOTOX Allergan (USA) with DRK dermatologist! I am really desperate to obtain the VSHAPE face! The botox will work on the masseter which is the muscle on our cheeks or jawline that contributes the bulgy look of our face. With more muscle, the face will look more of a square than a V. With the right technique and amount of botox, it will then reduce the size of the masseter.

But having all these lasers and botox, I still feel like it is not enough.... I needed surgery to give more prominence to the chin to emphasize the lower part of the face that will result to VSHAPE.

So I decided to go for it, the permanent and one time procedure to achieve VSHAPE face. I talked to one of DRK's surgeons and he advised me to have the chin augmentation surgery. The incision will be inside the mouth just right in the gums behind the chin to have an access to the chin bone and insert the silicone implant (made in the USA) with a small size and customized thoroughly to shape and fit perfectly to my chin. The doctor will secure the implant with a TITANIUM Screw to make sure that the implant will stay in place and position perfectly and prevent it from moving away from the chin in any circumstances.

***7 DAYS after my Chin Augmentation Surgery***

The recovery time was incredibly fast! I had 3days of wearing the compression garment over my face to help reduce the swelling faster. No spicy and hot food and beverages plus no brushing of teeth for 3 days. After that, everything was starting to go back to normal. I didn't have terrible bruises nor complication during those period. I am very relieved that my surgery went very well.

***2 WEEKS after Chin Augmentation Surgery***

I love how my chin dramatically changed! It actually changed the entire face! I have achieved the VSHAPE I've been longing for! 100% satisfaction indeed!! I am more confident during my hosting and a lot of my crew noticed how enthusiastic I am at work. The confidence gave me the good vide, a mood that is lively and happy.

I can say that when you feel good about yourself, everything feels good as well. So what I'm saying is, if enhancing your beauty will make you happy then go for it girl!

Thank you so much DRK for making my dream on having a VSHAPE face come true! And also thank you for taking care of me all throughout! Plus I love my skin glow. I believe and trust you all the way!

I will definitely come back for skin care and more beauty makeovers!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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