One surgery that changed a girl's life incredibly!

Rhinoplasty improves the facial balance ratio by giving the nasal bridge a perfect dimension for the whole facial structure.

Hi, I'm Nun an ordinary simple girl with not so simple dream. I want to look beautiful and feel confident. Why? because I don't think I am. We can begin with the most significant part of my face, the nose. We could all agree that for Asians, the nose is innate to be short, flat and widen. And in my case, I think I have all those nose-shortcomings.

I've been teased, bullied, and I felt really intimidated and tormented by the fact that what they are calling me is true. Yes, I admit, my nose is not beautiful and I can't stop my teasing friends to make fun of it. It was alright, we all have our imperfections, but it came to me that why would we suffer from these disfigurement when we know we could do something do change it- make it better.

It finally hit me that I could also take a benefit from todays innovation when it comes to beauty enhancements. Many people around the globe are doing it, so why can't I. But the important step is look for the right surgeon, once you find your doctor everything else follows.

I choose DRK for so many good reasons. We can start from the medical secretary, when I asked about my planned surgery (Rhinoplasty) the medical secretary thoroughly assisted me with correct informations in a manner that I understand. When I came for my consultation, I saw DRK's clinic environment and the services are premium class. Their staff are all friendly and accommodating, most importantly my doctor explained to me every single detail that I need to know about my surgery. He designed a perfect slope for my silicone and we planned the whole personalized designed according to my facial structure and style.

***Photos taken at DRK clinic on the day of my consultation***

The Rhinoplasty surgery was successful. I had no complications, no bleeding, no terrible reactions during and after my operation. My doctor is very skillful and gentle while performing the surgery, it didn't give me any discomforts nor pain.

My recovery was pretty fair and tolerable. Since DRK had a special BLOODLESS technique, the operation didn't take much damage to my nasal tissue that led to easy and comfortable recovery.

***5days after Rhinoplasty surgery***

Although I still have some light bruises under the eyes area, I don't feel pain on my nose. Yes, a bit swelling and tenderness but I feel fine. Doctor said I have to wait for a few more days for the bruises and swelling to completely disappear.

The side view position gives a better look of my new nose. I feel relieved to see that my nose dimension gives my face a beautiful look.

***1 MONTH after Rhinoplasty surgery***

I am more than satisfied to my new nose. All the people that I know say that I look so different in so many levels, I look more sophisticated and my face is has changed because of my nose.

My family and friends are very happy to see the result, and they said that I made the right decision to get a surgery and have DRK to do it for me.

My nose creates a perfect dimension that gives my face a balance ratio. With the naturally beautiful result, it seems like I didn't have surgery at all!

See the difference?? Perfect right!? I really really love the S-Curve design! It suits perfectly to my facial structure!

I feel beautiful...and confident. Such feelings that I've been longing to have for so long. It was before a dream, but now I'm living it. All thanks to my beauty maker- DRK.

DRK make things possible, make things incredible, makes dream come true. And for that, I recommend DRK to be your beauty advisor and beauty maker too. A lot of people have experienced it, celebrities and foreigners.

Our lives have changed because DRK gave us the possibility of living our dream look, and make it reality.

Thank you so much DRK for everything, I will surely come back for more beauty makeovers! See you soon guys! ^^


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