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Double chin removal for manly shaped jaw

The extra layer of fatty tissue under the chin even sometimes occupying the neck area is caused by overweight, aging and/or genetic. Having a double chin makes the face look round, it is inproportionate to the whole facial feature.

Hi guys, it's me again Tec. Some of you might not know me yet, I already had other plastic surgery done at DRK. I had EYEBROW transplant, DOUBLE EYELID surgery, RHINOPLASTY, Fat graft lipo filling and now DOUBLE CHIN removal.

It was a heavy year for me, I gained weight and some fat formed under my chin that now looks like a double chin. It really annoys me because I whenever I bent down or glance sideways the fatty chin shows up unwantedly. It is very distracting especially when my friends make fun of it. I feel so fat and ugly.

So why prolong the agony, I went back to DRK again for another surgery, now the DOUBLE CHIN REMOVAL.

DRK's BLOODLESS technique is the key for every successful operation, it assured me a safe and complication-free procedure as well as the recovery period. The fat was suctioned out carefully and surely from the upper neck area avoiding nerves. The incision is very little it needs only one tiny suture that will be removed after a week.

I have to wear a compression garment over my face and apply ice pack for 2-3 days to help reduce swelling faster. Aside from that, the pain is bearable and pretty much everything else stays normal.

Back to work! Yes, I'm back to my normal routine after 3days of rehabilitation. The swelling is less obvious, no bruises and no pain. Surprisingly, the incision is less visible too!!! Happy to be back to normal!

No more fatty double chin! hah hah!! to all my bully friends, I look slender now! My jaw line starts to show, no more fatty neck when I turn.

Once again, DRK has proven its name as one of the top outstanding plastic surgery. It's premium services and high-quality care and incredible procedures are extremely world-class!

I am lucky to have DRK and I will always trust them in making me more confident about myself. I have witnessed and experienced myself the great works they do and so I recommend DRK to be your beauty maker too!

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