Vshape and a balance face with prominent chin!

Short and weak chin is not a symbol of beauty. Achieve the gold balance facial ratio by enhancing the lower part of your face through Chin augmentation.

DRK is one of the top plastic surgery centers in Thailand, they are well-known to have an outstanding result of plastic surgeries to celebrities and foreign patients. In Thailand, most Thai people know them for their incredible works and well-experienced surgeons. The quality standard of their services competes those of high-ranks hospitals, the facilities and technologies they provide are state-of-the-art equipments that are made in the USA.

To be honest, I never felt confident with how I looked, I had a round face caused by my short and weak chin. For me, I'm unattractive and I'm losing self-esteem and begin to feel very insecure. It's almost depressing to know that I could never have the kind of beauty I desired.

Until one day, I saw my net idol posted on IG and facebook about her plastic surgery done at DRK. It was perfectly stunning! I didn't have second thought, I went to DRK for consultation.

***BEFORE photos takes at DRK Clinic***

The doctor explained to me thoroughly from the preoperative instructions to recovery period. Also how my procedure will be and the design of the silicone implant. DRK uses implants that is made in the USA with TITANIUM Screw to secure the implant in place. The size of my implant will be Medium for suits my facial structure thought it will be customized and designed to fit perfectly to my chin and would create a VSHAPE contour.

The chin augmentation procedure took less than an hour, which is very relieving. I felt at ease and comfortable the entire time. After the operation, the nurses placed me to the luxury recovery room at DRK, had me rested till I feel fine to go back home.

I had some easy home care instructions which is one of them wearing the compression garment on the face and ice pack for 2-3 days to help reduce swelling faster. No spicy or hot food and beverages, and no brushing of teeth for 3 days (clean mouth with antibacterial mouthwash only).

3 days after my chin augmentation and I feel fine. Though it's still swelling, I'm happy I didn't have terrible bruises nor zombie face. No more pain and I'm almost back to normal!

No incision wound under the chin, because the incision was taken place inside the mouth just at the lowest part of the gums where it can be perfectly hidden yet a more accessible to the chin area. The titanium screw is very little that it can be barely felt.

***7 days after Chin Augmentation***

One week and I'm back to my normal routine! Also the swelling slowly subsides, although I need to wait for a couple of days for it to completely disappear.

***10 days after Chin Augmentation***

***Comparison of BEFORE & AFTER photos taken at DRK clinic***

Incredible right?! From short and weak chin, I have now a balance and prominent chin. I like it so much! It also create a VSHAPE contour which is a major benefit to this plastic surgery! VSHAPE face is the trend beauty style of Koreans and Asian girls today!

Thank you so much DRK for making my dream beauty come true! I feel very happy and satisfied with my new look. My friends and family appreciate my new style and they are very pleased to see me look happy and beautiful.

To all ladies out there who desire to look naturally beautiful, with all honesty DRK makes magical things possible!

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