Korean Beauty through Buccal Fat Removal and Double Chin Liposuction

Ever since Korea introduces the slim cheeks VSHAPE face, every Asian woman wants to have that cute lovely look. When it comes to beauty, we tend to go no limits just to achieve our desires.

To all the pretty ladies who yearns to have the Korean VSHAPE face, I assume that you are struggling from round, chubby, uneven face. Yes, it is exasperating. And it's normal to feel a bit insecure about something you don't possess because by it you strive to look your best.

Chubby round face for me is not the kind of feature I think is attractive, because it make one person look fat. And being fat is unattractive. My built is normally slender but my face goes the opposite.

DRK changed my life to something unbelievably incredible. It's like a fairytale and I now live in a wonderland.


I have this annoying double chin, excessive fat under the chin and on the upper neck area. DRK surgeon recommended a mini liposuction to remove the unwanted fat using an innovative liposuction technology made in the USA to safely remove the residing fat without causing damage to the tissues and nerves.


The best option for removing the round chubby cheeks is the BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL surgery. Doctor said that the buccal fat pad is normal to kids although likely to disappear as we grow older. But in my case, the buccal fat pad seemed to stay.

Good news for me that once the buccal fat pad is removed, it will never go back or reaccumulate ever again.

DRK did an outstanding job in doing the mini-liposuction under my chin area to remove the excess fat that causes the double chin. The local anesthesia effectively removed any uncomfortable senses, and the incision size is vey small it almost as if it wasn't punctured. The BLOODLESS technique for BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL procedure helped me to have a less swelling, no bruises and no complication during the surgery and recovery time. The incision was inside the cheek resulting to no visible scar on the face.

There are also instructions on how to take care of the incision wound and heal faster. Wrap the face with the compressive garment and apply cold packs over the areas to reduce swelling faster for the first 2-3 days. Use mouth wash to clean the mouth, do not brush your teeth for 2-3days. Do not drink or eat hot and spicy food (it will cause irritation to the wound)

***2days AFTER***

My face is still swollen at this point, but it's normal cause it's been 2 days since my operation but I feel relieved to see NO BRUISES on my face. The pain is manageable and I can move around the house like usual.


I completely recovered after a week from surgery and luckily I didn't have complications. More to that, I noticed the huge changes on my cheeks and chin area. As the swelling slowly disappear, I can see my face starting to shape like a V.

The side lateral view worries me no more for I have no flappy excess fat hanging out under the chin.


Notice how my cheek got slimmer. It gave my face a Vshaped look and emphasis to my chin.

No more double chin! I don't look fat any longer!

I am no longer a chubby cheeks-chick, I'm now a slim sexy cheek-chick! Thanks to DRK for changing not only my look but also my life to something wonderful that no words can describe. It's like living in a dream, a dream of a girl in a fairytale. It all came true for me, I now live like a princess so dainty possessing the beauty she deserves.

DRK is indeed the best plastic surgery in the country, from the staff to the services to the facilities to the procedures and after care, they all top on the list!


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