Thai Actor Mr. S' VSHAPE look for chiseled cheeks like Korean

No more round chubby cheeks with Buccal Fat Removal by DRK, I am more confident with my chiseled face.

Hey, you've come to the right place. If you're on this page, this would definitely help you figure out your plan on getting rid of those floppy cheeks.

As an actor, the competition is very high more than you could imagine. Even though we are already a public figure, it doesn't stop there. We need to look presentable and highly attractive, because our look is one of the most essential quality of being a celebrity.

I have trouble looking at my face on TV, my cheeks look big on screen and actually also in person. I'm not fat at least not my body, but my face seems to still have the buccal fat pad that is normal when we are younger. It tends to gradually disappear as we grow older but in my case, I have a lot of them.

Asians have this craze over Korean style of looks, and one of them is having a VSHAPE face. I searched around on how to solve this problem, and there were many options but none of them felt right. Face liposuction is really scary, it could damage some facial nerves and imagine the needle going through in and out of your face doesn't sound comfortable, and there will be visible scar after.

DRK is one of my top choice to do the surgery, and as I've talked to their surgeon, he said BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL is the answer. The incision will be inside the cheeks, and it will be BLOODLESS, meaning no bleeding, no harm could be done and no complication.

I had SKIN REJUVENATION with COOLGLIDE a machine that is made in the USA and SCITION to make my pores tighter, firm my face and brighten the skin. It helps boost collagen formation to make me look fresh and younger.

Skin care at DRK really works perfectly. It is the most effective skin treatment I had, my manager and producers said my skin looks great. A fresh feeling in the face, small pores, not oily, no blemishes, no dark spots, and a flawless glow. I feel very young!

My next appointment at DRK is the most awaited procedure, the BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL. I can't wait to get rid of my chubby cheeks. I want to look chiseled and achieve the ideal ASIAN look the VSHAPE face.

The picture above shows my buccal fat pads that have been removed from my operation. It was a total relief seeing them gone forever. Why forever? because once the buccal fat pads are removed, they don't grow back in the cheeks, unlike the skin fat that is more likely to reaccumulate if the person fails to maintain his diet.

Having the buccal fat removal surgery at DRK was one of the luckiest experience. I was being told by other friends that doing under the knife really gave them a difficult time. But my surgeon is very skillful and expert in doing his job, the surgery took less than an hour, after administering the local anesthesia I felt no pain all throughout. He made sure I was feeling comfortable and secured the whole time, checking on my consciousness and vital status.


After the operation, the nurse took me to the recovery room to get some rest until I feel fine to go back home. They wrapped my head with compression garment and put an ice pack on it to help reduce swelling faster. I have to keep this one for 48-72 hours to get a quick recovery.

***2DAYS after Buccal Fat Removal***

***3DAYS after Buccal Fat Removal***

***4DAYS after Buccal Fat Removal***

The compression garment is now being removed, and surprisingly I don't have terrible bruises all over my face. NO ZOMBIE look! Really amazing recovery!

***5DAYS after Buccal Fat Removal***

I'm back on my normal routine, since my face looks fine, I can do some tapings and photoshoots. I'm going out to see my coworkers and have a meeting.

***1 WEEK after Buccal Fat Removal***

The swelling has began to subside and I can see some changes on my cheeks. It's now a bit slimmer and no more sagging of unwanted fat on the cheeks. I'm really satisfied with the result and how quickly I have recovered.

No complications, no difficulties during my operation and recovery. DRK is indeed an outstanding plastic surgery center, with their medical specialists, high-end and effective OR facilities, great service and very hospitable.

Most of all, I have resolved my trouble with my chubby cheeks. Now that they are gone, I am more confident about myself for having a chiseled VSHAPE face. Most people mistaken me for a Korean guy, which I find to be funny yet more of a compliment.

I am sincerely grateful to DRK for giving this incredible look and great experience with them. I didn't just find my fairy godfather but also a family. Thank you for taking care of me.


I'm sharing you my IG handle, so you could see how effective the Buccal Fat Removal I had with DRK. I'm letting the whole world to see it. ^^ feel free to comment too. See you guys!

#buccalfatremoval #Vshape

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