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Believe it or not, my entire life I was fat. It was my struggle for as long as I can remember. I was being bullied and pulled down by being overweight. It was the main and biggest reason to lose my confidence and feeling unpretty about myself.

It was very difficult to eat less, it felt like my mouth and my stomach just loved to binge on anything on the plate. I fell in love with a man, and he became my inspiration on achieving the healthy and firm body.

My way to losing fat was the hardest chore I've ever done, it felt like dying. But because of the people who care about me and the motivational advices they gave me, it helped me a lot on pushing and keep going. Self control was the first key to start the process. I needed to control my hunger for food and wanting to eat more than I needed. And after that, I enrolled to a fitness gym and my instructor was my mentor in pushing my limits, defeating my weaknesses and upholding my strengths.

I actually became popular because of my incredible transformation from being super fat to very fit and healthy woman. I was featured on some TV programs all over the country and I gained not weight but followers this time. And suddenly, I felt a strange feeling that I've never felt before. It was CONFIDENCE.

Although, having a great body wasn't just enough for me. Even though the main factor of not having self confidence was eliminated (being fat), I began to notice some other parts of my face that don't seem right nor beautiful. To begin, I focus on my nose. It looks a little off for my facial structure. The height of the nose bridge is too flat making the tip wide and bulging.

I had many clinics proposed to have me on their line up, but during the consultation, the plan of the surgeons didn't match my style and my desire. I kept my patience and one of my closest and trusted friend recommended me to have the rhinoplasty surgery at DRK. She told me about their outstanding reviews and a lot of celebrity patients also known in surrounding countries.

During my consultation, the surgeon explained to me thoroughly what could the shape of my silicone will be. He will use a US made silicone and carve it slightly like S without the L type for the tip. The S-curve design will give me a dynamic look and balance feature for my entire facial structure.

***Day of my rhinoplasty surgery***

While waiting at the waiting area, the staff accommodated me like a VIP. Then a few minutes later, the medical team assisted me get ready for the operation. Changed my clothes for OR and cleaned my face and nose.

The rhinoplasty procedure felt so fast and easy. The whole operation felt nothing but comfort and entertaining. Believe me, the hours I spent in the gym was more exhausting and painful than an hour in the operating room at DRK. After the local anesthesia was injected, everything that follows felt nothing. The surgeon kept on checking me to see if I was doing fine. And the nurses were all attentive on monitoring my vital status.

***1st day, after doing rhinoplasty***

Since the operation is just minor, I was advised to go home after a couple of minutes spent in the recovery room. They told me to keep this plaster on my nose for 48-72 hours. To reduce the swelling, I must keep my head a bit elevated while on bed and apply ice pack around the nasal area for 2 days.

***Update on the second day***

It is normally swelling at this time, but the pain is bearable. With the help of the medicine that DRK gave me, it works just fine. Surprisingly, there's no terrible bruises around my nose.

***3rd day after Rhinoplasty***

Tomorrow, I'll go back to DRK to get the plaster removed. I can't wait!

I'm so happy to see my new nose! I'm really lucky for having no zombie-like face when the plasters were removed. My nose is just swelling a bit but no bruises. I can still go out to see my friends.

7 days after the rhinoplasty, everything was getting back to normal. The swelling subsides and I can see the S-curve shape of my nose. My friends are all shocked and amazed to see my new nose and the recovery was really fast, as if I didn't undergo any operation.

The confidence about myself was rising up, I now feel SEXY and BEAUTIFUL!

After a week or so, I am back on my fitness exercise! Getting sweat and cardio moves in the gym are pretty much the ways to keep my figure. And above all, my exercise doesn't affect my nose. It healed completely and since I have recovered from the surgery I can go back on my routine as usual.

***15DAYS after Rhinoplasty***

The changed in my body and my face gave me unmeasurable confidence, and I wont stop there. I will keep on striving to keep my confidence up and feeling happy about myself. The changes that happened to my whole face is because of the dimensional shape of my nose. It created balance to my whole face and that's what gives it a beautiful natural look.

DRK gave me the look that I've been longing for, more than I've imagined it. They created a unique shape that is suitable for my style and it fits me perfectly. I am actually going to do more of makeovers with them. I actually am doing skin care to keep my skin radiant all the time.

I encourage all the ladies out there to be brave in achieving your dreams. Don't let be dreams be dreams, you have to do something to make it happen. It wont happen without an effort. Because feeling beautiful is important to all human being. It is happiness, it is what we all deserve.

Thank you DRK for this wonderful nose, I really love how my face changed because of the S-curve nose I have. Also, I am lucky and relieved to have no complications or any trouble from my surgery.

I am really grateful to have DRK as my beauty maker!

**** 1 Month after Rhinplasty***


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