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Turn back time and be youthful again through Blepharoplasty!

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired and old but you can cheat age by enhancing your features starting with your eyes! Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery on the upper eyelid to refine the crease and make a defined fold and expressive look!

To some people my age, it is very common for us to have the droopy eye problem. This conditions come at age, it's somehow the skin laxity losing its strength, but lucky us there's a remedy! So yes, I'm old and my eyes are one of my problems that identifies my age. People say I look so tired and dull most of the time, if I don't wear heavy makeup on my eyes.

It began to make me feel insecure and unconfident about myself, my friends are pushing me to do botox and other treatments to get rid of my tired-looking eyes. All I hear everyday is about my eyes and it really annoys me and frustrates me at times.


As you can notice, the skin and the fat of my upper eyelid are drooping to my eyes. This leaves me a bad and sad impression, being tired, dull, boring eyes and old. I really wish it could improve and change how I look at myself and so does other people.

I found DRK through a recommendation of a friend who's working in the media. She had a buccal fat removal at DRK also to make her chubby droopy cheeks to go away to make her look young and sexy. Her result is really remarkable, so without a doubt I went to DRK for consultation and operation.


And because I'm old and my reaction to surgery is a bit sensitive because I'm delicate. So yes, my eyes are swollen and have bruises. But my doctor gave me adequate medicines and instructed me on how to take care of my eyes. I have to clean it gently with saline water using a cotton and then apply the anti-bacterial ointment and betadine twice a day. I have to refrain from rubbing it or getting it wet by taking a bath. I also have to apply cold packs to help reduce the swelling faster.

**2 DAYS AFTER Blepharoplasty**

**3 DAYS AFTER Blepharoplasty**

I can see a very good progression on my recovery. On the third day, the swelling has subsided and the bruises are almost disappearing. I have to be more patient for few more days to get my full recovery from this. The removal of my stitches will be on the 7th day.


Yes! Finally! I'm better now! I'm back to my normal routine! Although I have to wait till the scar will completely fade away but the important thing is that I'm better.

I love the fold of my upper eyelid, my eyes are not droopy anymore. I'm beginning to gain my confidence back again..! I can't wait to go out and meet my friends! I want to surprise them with my new look!

**2 WEEKS AFTER Blepharoplasty**

The incision wound is still obvious at this point but I'm happy that they are pretty close and no complications. I have to wait till it fades away and not too obvious to notice. Other than that, I'm happy with the result. I love how my eyes are defined and the dramatic change of my look through the refined double eyelid fold.

This drug is recommended by doctors. And I do not always do it every day, so it will not help to make the wound we fade faster.



I look 10 years younger! That's what my friends told me! I get so many compliments from people who've seen changes on my look! I am very happy with my new lovely eyes! Now I feel confident again!

Thank you so much DRK for making me look young again! I will surely come back for more rejuvenation procedure to become more youthful ^^

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