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Double eyelid for better vision and better look!

Monolid for Asians are sometimes thought as something conventional to our physical feature, but I must say in my case my condition was more of a congenital defect called "ptosis". Nothing serious guys, it could be just ptosis or just being way too much of an Asian guy.

My upper eyelid condition is a droopy eyelid caused by a non-functioning muscles on the eyelid. It makes me difficult to see because of the eyelid covering my vision. It also gives me a sleepy drowsy look.

I begin to have struggles and soon later this eyelid problem caused me not only difficulties everyday but also a crumble to me and lose my confidence. There's no other way to correct this but plastic surgery. So I went through clinics all over Bangkok to search for the best surgeon to give me answers and solution to my problem.

It was not easy to find the surgeon that could give me the best and realistic answer. There could be pool of plastic surgeons in Thailand but nothing seemed to make sense. I'm looking for a well-experience surgeon with good reputation and reviews. Luckily, my friend recommended me to DRK, and I look up for it right away.

DRK surgeons are all board certified plastic surgeon with good educational and professional background. The feedbacks from their patients are all very good and the results are outstanding. I came to them for consultation and when I talked to one the surgeon, my mind was opened about my condition and suddenly gave me hope that I could be and would be better through double eyelid surgery.

***TIMELINE RESULT from DAY 1 to 7***

The operation was just minor which requires a local anesthesia. The double eyelid surgery was taken place at DRK Operating Room where they are well-equipped for surgical procedure. I felt very safe and secured with their complete and high-end facility.

After the operation, I was sent to rest in the Recovery room until I get better. I was instructed about all the post operation care I must do within 7 days. I must avoid to get the incision wound wet for 2-3 days. Not to rub the eyes and must apply ice packs over the area to help reduce the swelling faster.

And in just 7 days I healed! The recovery time was really fast and safe. I had no terrible bruises, no bleeding and no complications. I am back to my normal routine instantly!


I am 100% satisfied with the result I've got from DRK wonderful work. I have no problem or disturbance with my vision and I feel good about myself. My confidence is growing and I feel happy because I my daily struggle is finally gone for good.

All thanks to DRK for another job well done. Without you, I could be still suffering from ptosis until now. But you saved my life and my self-esteem.

I will be forever grateful for taking care of me and making my eye problem be no problem anymore.

To those people who want to improve theirselves, be courageous to step up and make your dreams come true. Thanks for reading!

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