VSHAPE face through Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation Surgery by DRK

Slim cheeks are really sexy for women, especially for those who want to look like Korean beauty. This trending beauty style is called VSHAPE, and the way to achieve it is by removing facial fats and enhancing prominence on the chin.

My face was chubby and the fats are making my cheeks sag leaving me look like a bulldog. I feel so annoyed every time I look at myself at the mirror. I started to find ways to address my problem but never of it worked. As days go by, the more I look bad and my self-esteem starts to grow less. I'm sure most of you can feel how it is like to have insecurities about yourself and it begins to bother you everyday.

I started to do a research on the internet on ways to get rid of chubby cheeks and saggy one, and how to achieve a sexy slim face. There are other exercises to do, some laser treatments but none of them are permanent. The thing is, if I go to temporary outcome, it means that I have to do it regularly. The thought didn't interest me. I want to do one time procedure that would last longer. And so it brought me to plastic surgery. But what kind of?

The next step for me is to look for procedures and doctors to perform the surgery. It took me a while to find the best surgeon in town. And fortunately, I found DRK! DRK is one of the most popular clinics here in the country. They have good reputation and all surgeons that are in their team has outstanding profile and incredible work outcome.

DRK surgeon Dr. Kolawach recommended me a Buccal Fat Removal procedure to remove the buccal fat pad that underlies inside my cheeks, once removed my cheeks will look slimmer. Although to achieve a better VSHAPE face he must enhance the lower part of the face and by doing so Chin Augmentation procedure must be added to the program.

We agreed to have Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation surgeries to achieve the Slim Cheeks and Vshape face that I desire!


So you see, I have acne outbreak it's because of the cream I've been putting on that says slims and firms and helps lifting the face to the thought that it might help solve my problem.

As you can notice, I look grumpy because of the saggy face. I'm very hopeful that DRK will help me look beautiful and feel confident. I just want to feel happy and contented about myself.

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach gave me hope and confident about my surgeries (Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation). He explained to me very well how the surgery will be and the expected result. It made me not nervous rather feel very excited about it.

The buccal fat removal procedure is a minor operation where doctor will use local anesthesia, make an incision inside the mouth on the cheek area. Once a cut is made, the buccal fat pat will be visible and accessible to remove.

On the other hand, the Chin Augmentation procedure is also as promising. The incision will also be done inside the mouth so there will be no scars seen on the face. Dr. Kolawach will use a USA made silicone implant medium size and design it customarily to fit perfectly to my chin and create balance to the whole face. Plus use a "titanium screw technique" to secure the implant in place permanently, avoiding it to be repositioned during strenuous activities.

The operation went well as expected, my surgeon is definitely a well-experienced doctor. He was very gentle while performing the surgery, it didn't hurt me at all. He made sure that I was comfortable the entire procedure.

***2DAYS after the Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation Surgery***

The lower part of my face is a bit swollen but surprisingly no terrible bruises. I have to apply cold packs over it to help reduce the swelling faster. I also was advised to wear compression garment for 3 days.


The swelling is slowly subsiding, and I'm relieved to see the improvement on my face. No more pain at this time, and all I have to do is to wait for the swelling to completely go away.

***7 DAYS AFTER***

I'm feeling wonderful seeing my makeovered face! The swelling is almost gone and I can see changes on my face. The chin really gives the Vshape look! I can say that I have recovered now, I can do my normal routine. When my friends saw me, they were all amazed with the changes on my face.

Also, the acnes are gone, DRK gave me a very effective cream for my pimples! I am really really lucky to have DRK as my beauty maker!!!

***1 MONTH AFTER Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation***

I am more than 100% satisfied of the result I've got from DRK after doing the Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation. I have achieved the SLIM CHEEKS and VSHAPE look that I've always wanted. DRK has kept their promise for making me look beautiful and doing what they have promised me during the consultation.

My life has changed after the beauty makeover I had at DRK. It was really more than worth it, and I will be forever grateful for the magnificent job they've rendered me. My surgeon is really the best plastic surgeon I've known and I will surely come back for more. Also they will be my skin and body doctors too, to help me keep radiant and rejuvenated.

So for those who are dreaming to look beautiful and feel confident, DRK will help you achieve your dreams come true and make beauty possible. DRK will assist you with the information about your planned surgery.

Last words, thanks to my surgeon and to all DRK staff for taking care of me and becoming my friend. See you very soon for my beauty maintenance.

***THEN and NOW***

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