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V-Line Korean Style Face Balance by DRK

Jaw Surgery
Jaw Surgery

V-Line Contour is said to be the top most trending beauty style for Asians nowadays. This kind of beauty style is pioneered by Koreans. To achieve the V-line contour is through Jaw surgery, which includes chin and jaw shaving or reduction, cheek reduction or augmentation.

My case, I had jaw and cheek reduction, and chin shaving to look beautiful like the Koreans.

I've always wanted to look beautiful, I've always felt like my face was too boyish. If you could see my original face, my cheeks are too big, and so was my jaw and too wide chin leaving my face look masculine.

I asked so many doctors regarding my concern about my facial structure, but it turned out they have different way of solving it, others came up to a different solution that didn't address my problem.

Until one day, a blogger names Khumkhundreamer had a jaw alignment surgery which results to an incredible makeover! She posted her procedure to recovery to transformation and everybody in Bangkok were talking about it. She did her jaw surgery at DRK, and that's how I found my Beauty Maker.

DRK is a high-standard plastic surgery center, the environment of the clinic is clean and tidy, cozy and spacious, the services from the front desk to medical assistants especially the surgeon who is specialized with Jaw surgery, Dr. Chanchai. He explained to me everything I needed to know about my surgery. The procedure the he will do to achieve the VLine contour that I desire. He planned to have jaw and cheek reduction plus chin shaving.

Jaw Surgery

***From first day to 20th day after my Jaw surgery Vline Contour***

My preparation for surgery took 2 weeks process, considering the CT SCAN and 4D model. When everything was set, my surgery was ready to be done in a JCI accredited hospital Samitivej Hospital which DRK is affiliated with. I felt very safe and secure the entire admission. As soon as I got there, the nurses and anesthesiologist took care of me and monitored my status closely. I had a general anesthesia, so basically I wasn't aware of what's happening during my jaw surgery. I had to stay two nights at the hospital so that the nurses and doctors can check my vitals and see to it that I am stable. The following day, Dr. Chanchai came to see me. I am relieved to hear from him that my operation was successful. I just have to wait till I completely heal.

***This is the 4D actual model of my facial bone***

Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery
Jaw Surgery

***The following day after my Vline Contour operation***

My face was totally swollen up, the nurses had to put the ice packs over the face to reduce the swelling. My face kinda hurt a bit, but with the help of the medicines, I'm feeling ok. I can entertain myself with the TV and social media. This time, I can't chew food, I have to eat soft and not hot nor spicy food. But I can eat ice cream! hahahha

Jaw Surgery

***DAY 3 after Vline Contour operation***

Face still swollen but I think it's getting better each day. I still have to be careful with chewing food, so I have to eat soft food. I'm just happy that I have no terrible bruises like a zombie. I just need to be more patient to wait for the swelling to subside and see the final result.

Jaw Surgery

***6 days after surgery***

I'm lucky to have no complications during the first week of recovery, this week was said to be the critical stage of recovery for in the first week it is the time where the complications such as infections may occur.

I have no visible scars on my face, the incision was made inside the mouth. It was really incredible doing surgery and leaving no trace of it, it looks as if I didn't undergo any surgery at all. My surgeon, Dr. Chanchai is really an expert in doing jaw surgery. As he carved my jaw line and cheek bone to V-line, also slightly shaved my chin are to create a dramatic V contour.

My recovery was comfortable and I felt safe with the help and care of DRK medical staff, they always reminded me of the post operative instructions so I won't have problem during the healing process.

My family and friends are all happy to see me getting better everyday. We all can't wait for the final result!

Jaw Surgery

***2 WEEKS after VLINE Jaw surgery***

At this point, the swelling is almost gone. I'm relieved to see that my face is getting prettier and prettier hahaha

No more pain, so I can eat solid food but still has to be careful with chewing.

Jaw Surgery

***1 MONTH after my VLINE Jaw surgery***

1 month ago V-Line is the answer to many questions asked by many friends. Many people wonder what V-Line is? The word V-Line is just a slang word for me. Do not misunderstand me that V-Line is cutting the jaw bone to the chin. It has to be done in a serious methodical procedure. The facial nerves must be checked thoroughly, there should be no mistake while performing the jaw surgery, because one small damage to the facial nerve will leave a malfunction and serious complications to the face such as permanent paralysis.

DRK CT SCAN and 4D analysis play a very important role to the VLINE jaw surgery procedure, with this it will eliminate the possibilities of committing mistakes during the operation. The doctor can see clearly where my facial nerves lies and he will be able to avoid it during the operation.

I am very relieved that I am perfectly well, no complications whatsoever. I'm really really lucky to have DRK.

Jaw Surgery

***3 MONTHS after VLine Contour surgery***

It's a miracle! My transformation is indeed a miracle that happened to me! I have achieved the V-Line contour I've been dreaming of for so long! I am very satisfied with the result I've got from DRK. The balance ratio of my facial structure creates a feminine feature like the Koreans.

Jaw Surgery

***6 MONTHS after my VLINE Contour Surgery***

This is the final result! "Perfect" is not enough to describe it! Can you see the difference? It's a big miracle that happened to me!

My cheeks got smaller and as well as my jaws! My chin got smaller too, which totally leaves a look of a V! I look so cute and pretty like the Koreans now!

Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

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