Lovely Korean Eyes through Double Eyelid Surgery

Achieve the most beautiful eyes in the world with more defined and naturally designed crease.

With Double Eyelid surgery by DRK delivers a high quality result that will suit perfectly to a more impressive eye glow!

Double eyelid surgery gave me confidence like never before!

Hi pretty ladies, we all dream to look like stars and I tell you this, you can make your dream come true.

My story of achieving these lovely eyes that I have now is because DRK helped me look like my favorite Korean star.

Some of you might have doubts in doing surgery, that's normal. Sometimes, we just don't jump into conclusions especially when its invasive, such as plastic surgery. But hey, makeups, eyeliners nor cosmetic stickers to enhance the upper eyelid crease don't help much. Moreover, not that they don't last long, they will never look natural.


I looked like a typical Chinese girl, cute eyes but no definitive crease. I wanted to look more of mixed nationality, with double eyelid. Some of my friends tell me that I already look beautiful, but I'm doing this in the name of beauty itself, for myself. And having a double eyelid is one of the trendy look of Asian girls nowadays, especially the Koreans.

It was never easy to find the perfect surgeon for my perfect look. Of course, we would never go for cheap and low class clinics, for our beauty it has to be the best one. During my painstaking research, my friend recommended me to DRK. She told me to check their Facebook and website, and so I did. As I contacted them about the Double Eyelid surgery, their medical secretary was very friendly and she gave me the important information and answered me confidently.

The price is very reasonable with the promising result and high-quality services. With DRK's OR facilities and well-trained medical staff, especially high profiled surgeons plus their signature BLOODLESS technique is very promising that nothing bad will happen to me during and after the surgery. Moreover my recovery will be safe and fast, away from any complications.

During my consultation with the surgeon, he explained to me how the crease will be shaped on my upper eyelid, and he measured the height and length of the crease making sure that the result will be natural looking and beautiful.


The operation took less than an hour, which is pretty much convenient to me. The local anesthesia that was injected work so well it gave me a full comfort to me the entire operation.

As you can see I still have incisions on the upper eyelid, the doctor will remove it on the 5th to 7th day after the operation. My eyes are a bit swollen and has minor bruises but luckily no serious conditions nor complications occurred.

The swelling and bruises will subside on the 3rd day after the operation. As of today, I need to get some rest and apply some ice packs over the area to help reduce the swelling faster. When the swelling is gone that's the time I'll see the result from my Double Eyelid Surgery.

On the first week, I can do light routine and after 7 days, I went out and do my normal stuff and activities. The recovery was really fast, and I was at ease and the medicines really helped a lot.

This is me one month after I had Double Eyelid surgery. I really love how my upper eyelid changed from monolid to a detailed and expressive lovely eyes. My friends and relatives give me compliments about how I look differently with my naturally beautiful eyes. It gives a glow to my mood and my face expression totally have a lively bloom.

DRK made the perfect defined crease that suits best for my style and for the my the shape of my face. I am very satisfied with the result, it is exactly what I've expected. It has given me more confidence about myself. I am very proud and confident to say that I look beautiful now than before.

My new lovely eyes, very expressive and naturally defined crease gives me the Korean beauty I've always dreamed of. I look so Korean now, the KPOP star I always desire.

Thanks to my BEAUTY MAKER, DRK for making my beauty dreams come true. And for taking care of me kindly. The DRK staff are now my friends forever!



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