Beautiful transformation of Chinese goddess by DRK Medical Team

Hi guys, it's me again Memee is back for another makeover done by my ultimate beauty maker, DRK. After having an incredible DOUBLE EYELID surgery with them I decided to come back for a VSHAPE program through CHIN AUGMENTATION.

I would go anywhere else but DRK, because I've witnessed it myself with how my eyes turned so expressive and naturally beautiful. So here I am, another review to share with you about my experience in doing chin augmentation.

I found a great confidence after my result from double eyelid surgery, but I also desire to have a VSHAPE look. I think that my lower part of the face is just too blunt thus making my face look round and chubby. I wanted to improve it and one way to do it is by chin augmentation.

DRK has a signature technique for chin augmentation procedure. They use a silicone implant that is made in the USA with various sizes for choices that suits perfectly to the facial structure. Aside from that they also customize it by shaving appropriate to fit the chin. Plus they use a "TITANIUM Screw Technique" to secure the implant in place, refraining it from displacing or repositioning on the latter period.

My consultation with DRK Medical Team surgeon enlightened me with the knowledge about my desired surgery (chin augmentation). She thoroughly explained to me how the procedure will go. The incision will be inside the mouth just behind the chin area and she will insert a medium size implant and screw it securely with a very small titanium screw.

I felt very confident and very certain that my operation will be a success. I can hardly wait for the big day to come.

Finally, today will be my great day! As soon as I arrived at DRK, the staff immediately took care of me and helped me get prepared for my operation.

I was very lucky to have found DRK, no matter who's the surgeon to perform the surgery the technique is still the same. DRK has the highest quality standard of surgical procedure. I can tell because my surgery was very comfortable and I felt at ease the entire time! As soon as the local anesthesia was administered, I felt nothing and everything else was completely gentle and forbearing.

***This is me right after my chin augmentation surgery***

I was advised to wear compression garment on the face for 3 consecutive days to help reduce the swelling faster. Plus apply cold packs and take my medicines regularly.

***2nd day after my chin augmentation***

The cold packs really help a lot for reducing the pain and swelling too.

***5 days after my chin augmentation***

No more compression garment, and surprisingly no bruises and the swelling is not terrible. Although the chin area to the jowl are still swollen but thankfully not painful.

In two weeks, everything seems normal. The pain was completely gone and the swelling has completely subsided. I can see the improvement of my chin and I noticed the VSHAPEd has formed. My face look slimmer and sexier!

Fantastic result DRK Medical Team! Once again you've proven your exceptional over the top skills in plastic surgery!

The lower part of my face became balance with the perfect prominence of my chin. Moreover, I have achieved the VSHAPE face that I mostly desired!

Check the comparison! How my face got slimmer because of the prominent chin, it became balanced!

I would like to thank DRK for making my beauty dream come true with perfection! No complication, very safe and incredible result! Just as I expected it to be!

Also to all the DRK staff for taking care of me all throughout the process from consultation to recovery.

To those who desire to look naturally beautiful, come to DRK! They make things possible to help you achieve your beauty ambition.


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