Lips reshape surgery by DRK can make your straight dull lips to a KISSABLE HEART SHAPED and looks sexy for every girl.

Chin augmentation with Screw technique gives a VSHAPE face that makes the face looks slim and sexy!

create a unique beauty that would transform you from ordinary to fabulous like a STAR!

Hi, I'm Basa. I had an improvement of my lower part of the face which are the lips and chin to create a perfect balance and shape for the whole face. I would like to share with you how greatly I have transformed in the hand of DRK.

***BEFORE I had Lips reshape and Chin augmentation surgery***

My upper lip was shapeless and dull. It was straight and its crappy shape makes me look like an emotionless, no mood girl. It was like I'm sad all the time, and putting on a lipstick is too hard and doesn't look attractive at all.

DRK surgeon draw a line for a "heart-shaped" outcome. I choose the heart-shaped because it would look like a doll, and I believe that it will surely make me look beautiful.

As for my chin, doctor recommended a medium size implant (made in the USA) and to be carved as it will perfectly fit for my facial structure and to design to my desired style. I wanted to have a VSHAPE look by enhancing the lower prominence of my face, starting with the chin.

I am very lucky to have found DRK as my BEAUTY MAKER. From the staff, to medical personnel and my surgeon, everybody is very professional at their jobs. They took care of me before, during and after the surgery. I felt safe and secured the entire time, knowing that their services are for my safety and the care that they have given me is high-standard.

The operation for my lip reshape and chin augmentation took more than an hour. It was painless and comforting, my surgeon made sure that I am at ease while he performs the surgery. I can really tell that he's skillful and well-experience for I have witnessed it firsthand. No bleeding, no harm, and the technique is excellent.

***This is me after I rested at the recovery room. I was ready to go home.***

I was advised to wear a face compression garment to help reduce the swelling of the face from the chin augmentation. I must wear it for at least 3 days. Aside from that, I have to apply cold packs over the area plus the medicines that were prescribed to me by my surgeon.

As you can notice, my lips are gorgeous. The result is visible right after the surgery, a heart-shaped lips. Moreover, I didn't have terrible swelling and bruises on the area of operated part. Really amazing experience from DRK.

***3rd day after I had my Lip Reshape and Chin Augmentation surgery at DRK***

I felt better and better each day. As to what I am lucky that my face didn't look as terrible as I've seen from other people who had surgery. My lips and chin are improving, the prognosis of recovery is safe and fast. I had no complication nor trouble healing.

******* 7 DAYS after my Lip Reshape and Chin Augmentation at DRK*******

I went to DRK for my last follow up check. Good news from my doctor that I healed just well. In just a week, I'm ready to go out and do my usual routine.


*** 1 MONTH AFTER my Lips Reshape and Chin Augmentation Surgery at DRK***

All my friends and relatives are very happy with the result of my new lips and chin. They said that I look different, I became more beautiful and attractive.

My heart-shaped lips give me sexy smile and kissable lips, and the prominence of my chin gives balance to my face. The VSHAPE style gives me the look of a KOREAN beauty! Just as what I want it to be.

I would like to thank DRK for giving me the look that I've been longing for most of my life. It really have a great impact to my whole personality, as I feel good about myself I feel confident and happy making my mood and decisions all positive.

I thought it's impossible to look like those celebrities on TV, but now I feel like I'm close to being one. hahahha Thanks to my super expert surgeon, I have achieved the beauty I desired.

If you wish to look beautiful and feel beautiful, DRK will make it possible for you!

**** This is my new look****

**** 1 MONTH after my Lip Reshape and Chin Augmentation at DRK****

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