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Transform your eye shape through Double Eyelid Surgery with DRK

Witness how amazing eyes can change the expression of the face and how wonderful it changed my life!

Everyone, I'm Job. I know why you're here. You also dream to change your eyes, or maybe you're doing this for your friend. Well, I am glad to share with you my experience with DRK in changing the looks and shape of my eyes through Double Eyelid Surgery.

Do you see the photo above? Notice my eyes, almost no crease, no folds, making my eyes look puffy, sleepy, just-cried, and so many unpleasant comments. To sum it all, it's not attractive.

This kind of eye shape is conventional for most Asians, very strong Asian feature. Unfortunately, it's not trend beauty anymore.

And so as I grew up, I wonder if I can change how this Asiany eyes look like because it's sucking my confidence. I tried many cosmetic products to help improve the shape, but too much makeup, stickers, and long eyelashes are temporary. And putting them on everyday is such a hassle. Aside from that, they never look natural.

I wanted something naturally beautiful and permanent. Something I can still see without the makeup. So I resulted to plastic surgery. Lucky for me I found DRK. DRK is one of the most popular and well-known to have good reputation here in Thailand. So without a doubt, I chose them to change my look.

As expected, the consultation was a mind-opener. My surgeon measured the height of my eyelid to be designed, and we both agreed to the length and height. The incision will be full to create a strong and more definitive crease. The recovery will take 3-5 days. It will be done in the clinic, they have this complete and innovative medical technologies to facilitate thoroughly minor surgeries.

The Double Eyelid Surgery was incredibly comfortable, my surgeon's hands were professionally gentle and it didn't hurt me at all. It took about an hour, and after they delivered me to the Recovery Room to get some rest until I'm fine to go back home.

***7 Days after my Double Eyelid Surgery at DRK***

In just 7 days, my crease is already defined as expected. My recovery was very fast and no complication ever occurred. On my 3 days, my eyes was swelling but no bruises nor bleeding. I applied some cold packs and took the medicines that my surgeon prescribed for me. And for that I am perfectly fine ^^

***2 WEEKS after Double Eyelid Surgery at DRK***

Notice the crease of my double eyelid, it is very NATURAL! almost as if I didn't do any surgery. I am very happy of the result that I get from DRK. Those people who don't know me didn't notice that I did surgery for my eyes.

Let's take a closer look. That looks really natural.

My family and friends are very impressed with the outcome, my eyes are PERFECTLY SHAPED and WELL DEFINED. It changes my whole look, my expression, my mood and almost everything about me changed amazingly.

I feel good about myself and my confidence has built up. Thanks to my surgeon for making my life and my look beautiful.



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