Hi everyone! I'm Memee, I am very lucky to have been picked by DRK as one of their loyal customers to give a free beauty makeover.

I chose to improve my chin prominence because in that way I can have the trendy VSHAPE face like the Koreans.

In order to achieve the Vshape face, their are many possible procedures. But when I talked to my surgeon, in my case the facial structure needs a enhance the prominence of the chin to achieve the balance ratio on the lower part.

So these are photos of me before I had chin augmentation at DRK.

My face didn't really look attractive, the chin area is too round and unproportionate to the whole face. It makes my face looks blunt and weak.

I have known DRK clinic for some time. They are one of the elite and high standard clinics in the country. They have celebrity patients and even internationally. The makeover transformation of their patients are very amazing and incredibly beautiful.

So I follow them a lot, until they have this game for loyal customers, the like-comment-share game and whoever wins can get a free beauty makeover. Luckily I won!

One day they called me and invited me to come tot their clinic for I have won a free surgery with Dr. Kolawach. I was so happy and came by immediately!

I feel very welcomed by the DRK staff, everybody was very friendly and accommodating. While waiting for my consultation with Dr. Kolawach.

He was very amusing and approachable. He actually thanked me for being a loyal and supportive customer. As we discussed about my desired look, we both agreed to have chin augmentation. He will use a silicone implant made in the USA and customized a medium size implant specifically designed for me and to secure it with it a screw to position it steadily and permanently.

Dr. Kolawach is very professional and skillful as he explained to me thoroughly how my procedure is going to be. He helped me understand complete the whole process and what to do before and after the operation.

As my chin augmentation surgery was about to start, DRK medical team assisted me for pre-operating preparations and monitored me well prior the surgery until I was ready to go inside the Operating Room.

Dr. Kolawach methodically stated the procedures during the operation so I would be aware of what's he's about to do and help him help myself. After administering the local anesthesia injected inside the chin area, everything started to feel comfortable. I thought it's gonna be painful but it was the opposite. Doctor's hands were gentle and skillful.

***7 days after my chin augmentation surgery***

The recovery period was short and surprisingly comforting. For the first 3 days, I have to wear a compression garment around my face to help reduce the swelling faster. And it did, with the help of ice pack and medicines, in just a few days, I see less swelling and no bruises on my face.

My friends told me that I look different, I look more bold and daring... I like it. The shape of my face changed. I really love how my face is changing to V... I have to wait for few days til the swelling completely subsides.

***2 weeks after my chin augmentation surgery at DRK***

Notice the changes on my look? The lower part of my face improved, it is now balanced to the whole ratio. I feel so great about my new look now, many people gave me compliments about how beautiful I look.

I am really lucky to have been chosen by DRK to have this miraculous makeover. I am no longer normal girl, I feel more. I feel like I can be those beautiful girls I watched on TV. Sounds ambitious right? but my ambitions brought me here today, nothing is impossible... and if it comes to beauty, nothing is impossible with DRK.

Make your dreams come true like I made mine. I mean, DRK made my beauty dreams come true. And I am forever grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

If you want a beauty transformation, come to DRK. it is worth a try!

#chinaugmentation #Vshape

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