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360 Perfect Nose Dimension and Facial Balance through Rhinoplasty by DRK

The nose is the centerpiece of the face, thus it has to have the perfect dimension to give the whole face a balance facial ratio.

As a girl, it is normal to have insecurities about ourselves. Especially these days where there are pool of trendy look from around the world. And as an Asian, our ideal and most desired style of beauty are of the Koreans.

My top concern is my nose. I never felt confident about how my original nose looked like. It is short, flat and unattractive. All my life I've dreamed to improve my nose line, and luckily plastic surgery was born.

***Photo below is me before I had Rhinoplasty at DRK***

Looking for the best surgeon was never easy, but I kept patient. I don't want to have complications nor regrets after having a nose job. I want it to be perfect and safe.

Bangkok has so many plastic surgery hospitals and clinics and I had my lists of them, went to have consultation but others didn't seem to give me enough trust and confidence to have my rhinoplasty procedure with them.

Until I found DRK. The moment I stepped inside their clinic, I felt it. First the ambience of their foyer is very cozy and clean, the staff welcomed me warmly. During my consultation, my surgeon gave me complete and thorough explanation about the design he will going to make and why it is the best carve for me.

***The following day after my Rhinoplasty at DRK***

The operation (rhinoplasty) was surprisingly relaxing and securing. DRK's medical personnel and my surgeon took care of me like a VIP. They monitored me very closely and made sure that I am comfortable all throughout the procedure. I was not painful, rather exciting and very comforting.

As of now, I gotta rest to give my nose a proper healing process. Aside from taking the medicines that the doctor prescribed, I am applying cold packs over the surrounding area to help reduce the swelling faster.

***7 days after my Rhinoplasty at DRK***

My recovery was amazingly fast and easy! In just 7 days, everything's back to normal. I can go out and back on my routine as usual.

Most importantly, the shape of my nose is a miracle! It is perfectly carved for my style and facial structure!

It is very cute, the slanting S-Curve feature is like the Korean Nose line!

I am so happy and now very confident about myself because of my perfect nose line!

My family and friends said I look like a Korean now! It's a dream come true!

Thanks to DRK, I am now a different girl. Not just by the look, but also inside me. I feel different, my emotions are contented. I feel happy inside and that's what all we girls deserve.

You can change your looks and feel good about yourself. It is just a matter of being courageous. Go out there and make your dream beauty come true.

All thanks to DRK, I have achieved the look that I've been longing for all my life. My nose line now is my asset and changed my whole look.

Come and experience the magic of BEAUTY MAKER! You will definitely feel naturally beautiful inside and out!

***** Comparison before and after Rhinoplasty *****

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