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Gold Balance Ratio with Perfect Nose Line by DRK

Confidence, that is what we women yearn for. A confident woman projects a strong and independent character, and that's what most people admire and look up to.

In my case, I couldn't feel confident with my facial feature. To be honest, I'm insecure of so many things about how I look especially my nose. Its shape is too short and wide, the nose tip is pointing up and nostrils are open.

I took a research painstakingly on where to have rhinoplasty procedure. It's somehow confusing to choose which one should I go because there's a pool of plastic surgery clinics and doctors here in Thailand. I had the top 5 picks of best surgeons in Thailand and as I came for consultation, something is missing. I don't feel the vibes and confident to do the surgery with them doctors.

***These photos are me before I had Rhinoplasty surgery at DRK***

One day, it's my time to visit DRK for consultation. As I arrived to their clinic, the medical secretary approached me. She was very friendly and professional at the same time, asked me about my concerned area and gave me the answers of my queries appropriately.

DRK surgeon explained to me the possible height of my silicone, as he measured my nose and my skin laxity he gave me the design and height of my implant and carefully draw it. We both agree with the design, and I'm very excited to show you how it's gonna look like!

Before my rhinoplasty surgery, DRK staff took a photo of me for medical record.

The rhinoplasty procedure was incredibly smooth and at ease. DRK surgeon's hands were gentle and very skillful, I felt comfortable the whole time. He made sure that I'm completely monitored and stabilized.

***The following day after my rhinoplasty surgery at DRK***

The signature BLOODLESS technique of DRK left no bleeding, no bruises and very minimal swelling on my nose and around the area. I was advised to apply ice packs for 48-72 hours to help reduce swelling faster, plus the medicines that they gave me are very effective.

***DAY 2***

I'm still resting at home, however my routine isn't much affected with my recovery. I can still do my routine at home. As you can see, I have no terrible bruises and just minimal swelling.

***3DAYS after my rhinoplasty procedure***

Everything's better today. It's my first follow up at DRK and the doctor will take a look at my nose progression and to remove the plaster over my nose... I'm so excited to see my new nose without the plaster ^^

***5th DAY after my Rhinoplasty surgery at DRK***

No more plaster! Now I can see my newly improved nose! I feel cute and excited to see the final result!

***7th DAY after***

I'm very grateful that my surgeon gave me the safest and secured operation that leads to safe and fast recovery. In just a week, I'm feeling better and back to normal! More to that, the shape of my nose is perfect for my facial structure! I really love the result!

I went to DRK for my last follow up. As they took after result photos and we compared them with the before photos, the changes are amazing. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my rhinoplasty procedure.

The design of my nose has a perfect dimension that creates a balance ratio to my facial structure. Its heigh, width and the nose tip are shaped suited to my style.

My friends and relatives are very impressed with my new look and they are all happy to see my makeover transformation.

I would like to thank DRK for making my dream nose come true. Now I have achieved the confidence that I've been yearning for.

I would surely come back for more beauty makeover. Next will be my chin and my cheeks! I want to look like a Korean star! 5555

To all the ladies out there who want to look beautiful and feel confident, I recommend DRK to be your beauty maker! Everything is possible at DRK!

****** Update latest pics ******

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