Beautiful Youthful Eyes through Double Eyelid surgery

Double Eyelid surgery can make you look younger by enhancing the eyes' definition from dull to lively.

Hi everyone, I'm Paya. I'm a TV Host of THAI TVPOOL at Channel 5. Others might think why I need to do Double Eyelid surgery. Without heavy makeup, I look tired and old. My preparations before work take a lot of time for makeup alone just to cover my tired-looking eyes.

This is me at work... I need to put thick eyeliners and stick cosmetic eyelids just to make my eyes look lively.

My coworkers can see my struggle at work just to cover my dull eyes. They advised me to do surgery, and I've been considering it for a long time, just that I haven't found the best surgeon to do the double eyelid surgery for me.

My friends helped me find the best surgeon in Thailand. And one lucky day, one of the celebrities we interviewed had a plastic surgery done at DRK. She confidently recommend Dr. Kolawach for facial plastic surgery.

I checked DRK's social media accounts and also their website, it got me so impressed with the results and reviews that they have from their patients. They also have celebrities from Thailand and also other countries.

As I went to DRK for consultation, I felt the warm treatment from their staff. Their clinic facility is very clean and cozy. Their management is organize and very professional.

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach was full of fun and knowledgeable at the same time. He made me feel secured about the surgery that I'm planning to do. He gave me the information on how he will perform the procedure and what will be my preparations and recovery process.

Dr. Kolawach's plan in making my double eyelid look better is to create a crease of full incision. In that way, I will look younger and my eyes will get a lifted look.

On my operation day, the medical staff of DRK assisted me in preparing for surgery. They monitored me and made sure that I am well and ready to receive OR procedure.

I felt safe and secured the entire operation. Dr. Kolawach is very skillful and professional in doing his job. He draw the line for measurement and injected the anesthesia. After that, I didn't feel any pain or discomfort.

After the double eyelid surgery, the nurses moved me to the recovery area to get some rest before I go back home. The recovery room setting is somewhat like of a hospital and hotel. It was very comforting with the ambience and treatment of the nurses.

***DAY1 after Double Eyelid surgery***

I'm surprised that I didn't have a terrible bruising and swelling. It's not painful too, DRK gave me a very effective medicine to relieve the pain.

***3 DAYS after double eyelid surgery***

The swelling subsided quickly, my recovery was so fast! Now I can go back to work and feel amazing about my beautiful eyes!

***7 DAYS after my double eyelid surgery***

I love the crease of my eyes, it's very defined and I look younger too!

My eyes become expressive and I look different, and I love how it gives me a youthful look. My coworkers said I look wonderful with my new eyes, and the manager at work is very happy to see my improvement at work.

***Comparison of BEFORE & AFTER Double Eyelid Surgery***

I feel young again! My eyes are open and look lively. No more dull, boring, tired-looking eyes.

I don't have to wear heavy eyeliners just to give my eyes an expressive look. I feel confident about myself again. It's like 10years younger!

For girls who want to look young again, or improve the looks of their eyes, I recommend DRK. They will surely give you the beauty of your dream.

The location was very close to the BTS line, an accessible to the fastest way of transporting, and is in the center of the heart of Bangkok.

I am very happy and satisfied with the result, my new eyes make me feel confident and beautiful.

If you can notice the length and height of my upper eyelids, they are defined and natural. People can really say that I look lovely with how my eyes are formed.

I came back to DRK for collagen injection. This collagen injection will boost the collagen formation on the skin and rejuvenates the skin thus making me look young at its finest! ^^

This is Dr. Pui, my dermatologist at DRK.

I would like to thank DRK for my wonderful eyes, and for making me look young again.

I feel more confident, and it gives a positive reflect on my work. I love the changes that happened to me after I had my double eyelid surgery at DRK. I look and feel beautiful inside and out.

***While hosting on TV POOL and LIVE on Facebook***

Thanks for the comments guys!

And thank you for the readers ^^


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