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MAGIC Transformation with S-Curve Nose Line by DRK

As we all know that nose is the focal point of the face, since it is in the middle it gives a dimension to the whole face. Perfect shape of the nose gives the a perfect balance facial structure.

Hello lovely girls and guys, I know why you're here. You are looking for some tips or an assessment on results of plastic surgery specifically rhinoplasty or a nose job at DRK. I'm telling you, DRK is a state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in whole Thailand. My life has changed after I had my rhinoplasty surgery with them. ***This is me BEFORE I had rhinoplasty at DRK***

As you can see my nose is very typical Asian nose, short nose bridge height, flat, white nostrils, tip pointed up. Its not a perfect dimension for the whole face.

Can you see the photo below? the close up of my nose is really funny and disgusting hahahhaha. It's so flat and unattractive. I wanted my nose to look like caucasian nose.

As I grew up with this type of nose, I became insecure about myself. I see my friends having a fair nose and some are courageous enough to go under plastic surgery to get improvements.

I decided to address my problem and find the best solution for it. Improving the nose bridge. Some would use filler injections, threading and goretex. But as I've read, complications could arise further after the procedure. Not because of the negligence or malpractice of the surgeon but because of the material itself. Its substance is not perfect for the tissue and enhancing nose structure.

Luckily, I found DRK on the internet. Their Facebook is very popular in Thailand, everybody is talking about them. Most celebrities and net idols trust and choose DRK as their beauty maker, and the results are incredible!

As I visited DRK for a consultation, I was very impressed with the environment of their clinic. It's clean and organize, and how their staff treated me I felt like a VIP. During my consultation, DRK surgeon explained to me clearly about my expected result and the procedure that he's gonna do. He measured my nose and carefully designed an S-Curve nose for the silicone implant that he will customized personally for me. So my nose line will perfectly fit to my facial structure and achieve my desired nose.

***1 week after my Rhinoplasty surgery at DRK***

I have recovered faster, with the BLOODLESS technique of DRK I didn't have terrible bruises and the swelling was very minimal. Plus with the help of the medicines that they gave me, everything was pretty normal in 3 days.

***1 month after my Rhinoplasty surgery***

I can see the beautiful curve of my nose, it looks very natural yet stunning. My friends and relatives always give me compliments about the changes on my look. I feel happy because many people can see the beautiful change that happened to me.

The dimension of my nose is perfectly suited to my facial structure.

Perfect facial balance ratio has brought by my S-Curve nose done by DRK. I am very satisfied with the result! All my friends are now asking me to accompany them to DRK for plastic surgery. ****** 2months after my Rhinoplasty surgery at DRK******

My confidence has built up and my daily mood is more lively and positive. When you feel good about yourself, it changes your vibe towards things and handle situations positively.

Now that my problem about my nose is solved, and the look of my face is entirely changed. I have achieved my dream of looking elegant and attractive. Thanks to DRK, my beauty maker for giving me the look that is best for me.

******* Finally make a comparison of BEFORE & AFTER my Rhinoplasty*******

It's incredibly perfect shaped! My nose bridge has a perfect slope that gives dimension to the whole face. I don't look like a typical Asian girl, I look like a half breed ^ ___ ^

My confidence to myself has given me the best of my days, and because I look beautiful outside, I feel beautiful inside.

You can make your beauty dreams come true as well. One call from DRK, make a consultation schedule and it will surely open the door to natural beauty forever. Thank you for reading!

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