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Men Rhinoplasty: Enhance the shape of the nose for more handsome look!

Nose line for Men has a distinct masculine structure to achieve the best manly look!

Hi guys, I'm Tommy. I had a problem with the shape of my nose, until I found DRK and it changed my life better.

My original nose was a typical Asian nose, short bridge and the tip is projecting up. Most Asians are uncomfortable and unconfident of how our noses look like. We desire to have the nose of the Europeans or Westerners.

One day, I found DRK in the internet. They are very known on Facebook, everybody is talking about them. Like and share gimmick was the talk of the town. When I saw many net idols and celebrities doing a plastic surgery with them, I looked over their doctors and reviews. It got me interested, so I made an appointment right away.

During my consultation with the surgeon, he explained to me very well how my nose would look like after the surgery. He measured my nose and made a personalized design silicone. We discussed about the shape and we agreed upon it.

I am very impressed with how professional my surgeon is, and DRK is using USA made silicone which is securing and safe for its high-quality material.

On my operation day, DRK staff and medical personnel assisted me thoroughly from changing my clothes to OR suit and cleaning my face. The nurses monitored me and my vital signs to make sure I am perfectly well before the surgery starts.

Moreover my surgeon, was very skillful in performing the rhinoplasty procedure. I can feel no pain during the operation, I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. The operation was finished in about an hour, and they medical team moved me to the recovery for few minutes to rest until I feel better to go back home.

***First day after my Rhinoplasty procedure***

My nose is hardly swollen, there's no bruises around the nose. I have to wear this plaster over for 3-4 days.

***2nd day***

Still everything is better. Not much swelling and no terrible bruises.

***3rd day after my Rhinoplasty***

***4th day after my rhinoplasty***

***1 week after***

So no more plaster and now I can see my new nose. I really like how the tip changed and the height of the nose bridge. Although my doctor said it's still swollen, so I have to wait until the swelling completely subsides.

I feel confident now, my new nose gave a masculine look. My friends are giving me compliments and praises for having a new look. Some of them tease me for having a KPOP style. ahahah

I definitely recommend DRK. They have the best services compared to other clinics. You can try and go to their clinic. Plus they have a safe anti-infection environment Operating Room, hotel-hospital like recovery room and cozy clean clinic center overall.

The result is exactly what the doctor predicted it, perfectly fit for my facial structure. Moreover, my recovery process was extremely incredible. I didn't look like a zombie, I can still go to work and do office works.

I would like to thank DRK for taking care of me and giving me the best services. I will definitely come back for more.


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