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S-Curve Nose line for balance facial ratio

Hi my beloved readers, my name is Wanny, and I'm here today to share with you how the shape of my nose changed and how it changed my life for the better.

I actually had rhinoplasty 7 years ago from other clinic, but I'm not very much contented about it now that I have seen new trend for nose line such as the Korean Style Barbie Nose. After a while, I realized that my silicone implant doesn't look natural on me, there's a dent on the upper part of the nose showing the tip of the silicone clearly.

It made me lose my confidence over the time, because I realized that the shape of the silicone is not proportionate to my facial structure. Its line and shape is straight which gave me a very strong look like a man.

If you can notice, the line of my nose after my first rhinoplasty with other clinic was very straight and big. It doesn't look beautiful on me, and I think to any feminine face too.

I really want to gain confidence by revising the shape of my nose and get a nose job again, but I'm being careful this time, I want to do it in the best clinic and the best surgeon out there.

I went to lots of different clinics around Bangkok, but when I talked to the surgeons it did't give me enough trust and confident that I will have the redo of my nose.

Until one day, I saw my favorite net idol posted about doing plastic surgery at DRK and how amazing her transformation was. I searched about DRK right away and found out about their surgeons and professional backgrounds, as well us the clinic and most importantly the reviews of the patients as well as their results.

It got me very fascinated with how the celebrities and even ordinary people looked so much better after they had surgery with DRK. So I made an appointment for consultation right away.

My surgeon explained to me thoroughly how my operation is going to be, and he measured my face and designed the shape of my silicone to be. I was very impressed with how it was done professionally and skillfully. I liked the customized silicone implant. and also DRK is using implants from USA, which has a high quality material that will last forever without complications.

***after my revision rhinoplasty**

I was advised to put the cold packs over the eyes so that it will help reduce the swelling faster. I must do this for 2-3 consecutive days. Plus DRK gave me medicine to subside the swelling, pain reliever and antibiotics.

***This is me 2 weeks after my revision rhinoplasty***

No more swelling, no bruises and no pain.

I'm back to my normal routine.

I can notice the S-Curve design of my nose line, I'm so happy to get the result that I desired.

***1 month after my revision rhinoplasty***

Everything is perfect, my nose looks incredible. My family and friends are amazed with the new nose I have and they all agree that I look so much beautiful. I look different from before, and I am very happy to get very nice compliments from the people that mattered to me.

If you can notice the S-CURVE of the nose on the side view, I like it so much. It looks like Korean style nose.

I would like to thank DRK for making my dream of becoming beautiful come true. The new nose that I have changed my life in so many ways, I gained more confidence about myself, and now I'm more competitive. My good vibes everyday changes the rest of my day at work. Life is so much better now.

I advise you all, don't be afraid to follow your beauty dreams. It doesn't take risk, if you only find the best and right surgeon for you. And as for me, I'm lucky I found DRK to give me the look that is perfect for me.

Thank you to all DRK staff for taking care of me, and also to my doctor who gave me the best result there can ever be. I will surely come back for more beauty makeover!

See you guys soon!

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