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Double eyelid eyes Korean girl.

Double Eyelid

"Korean eyes" is the most trending eye-style for Asian girls in today's era. One way of achieving it is by enhancing the shape of the eyes and increasing the height of the upper eyelid.

Hi KPOP avid fans, I'm Yuy, and I would like to share with you my experience in changing my eyes to Korean Style at DRK.

I really wanted to have the Korean look, it's my dream, my desire for myself is to look like them. At this point, I want to enhance the crease and definition of my eyelids. I am a bit not satisfied with the length and height of my eyelids, it looks like a typical Asian eyes.

I was thinking of going to Korea to do the double eyelid surgery but when I computed everything, the expenses are too high and it's out of my budget. So I looked for other ways to achieve the result that I want without spending too much money.

Double Eyelid

Thailand is known for plastic surgery, but I wanted to find the best surgeon that could give me the result that I wanted. I've seen many clinics around Bangkok but when I checked the reviews and results of the patients, it's not the result that I wanted for my eyes. I want something that is natural yet will give my eyes a different glow.

One lucky day, my favorite net idol posted on her IG after she did eyelid surgery at DRK. The result is very stunning, and the changes in her eyes gave her a lovely glow, and most importantly she achieved her desired outcome without severe recovery or rehabilitation stage.

So I decided to go to DRK and the staff welcomed me warmly. I learned a lot on my consultation with my selected surgeon. The surgeon was very straightforward and honest and gave me the expected and realistic result. I agreed to all the terms and the procedure to be done, and we scheduled for the double eyelid surgery right after.

My operation was a success, for the reason that the whole procedure was very light, left no harm and complication to me during and after my double eyelid surgery. In fact, the BLOODLESS technique of DRK really works! Because of no bleeding, I didn't have terrible bruising and swelling on the first few days after.

**This is me the following day after my double eyelid surgery at DRK**

Double Eyelid

Look guys, on the following day I have no terrible look like a zombie. I am perfectly fine, no pain around my eyes. DRK gave me medicines to take for pain reliever, reduce the swelling and antibiotic for anti infection. On the other hand, I feel very excited to see the final result, as I can see now, my eyes look like a DOLL! and I'm loving it!

**6 weeks after my double eyelid surgery at DRK**

Double Eyelid
Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

People say I look like a Korean Pop Star with my new look! I feel so great with the transformation of my eyes. I feel beautiful and confident, my friends always give me compliments for having a KOREAN EYES!

Thank you DRK for making my dream eyes come true!

I will surely come back for more beauty makeovers!!

DRK Plastic Surgery in Thailand is equivalent to Korean plastic surgery centers!

They know the technique, and they make it better than Korean surgeons!

Double Eyelid

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