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When Beauty meets Needs. Jaw Alignment Surgery and Cheek Augmentation

Jaw Surgery VLine

Excellent transformation without complications, and comfortable recovery period, only possible with DRK experts Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai. I would like to thank them and congratulate in performing incredible job by correcting my jaw asymmetry and enhancing my cheek prominence.

Unlike other girls’ problem, my condition does not only concern about being beautiful but also aiming to life a comfortable lifestyle. I’ve been facing a problem of having asymmetric lower jaw since childhood. Chewing, swallowing, breathing apnea and social interactions are affected.

I was bearing these difficulties for years, until one day I saw DRK on TV and checked them right away on their website. I looked over what are the procedures they offer and fortunately found out that they can perform Jaw surgeries. The next thing I checked were the surgeons who will perform the said procedure and read about them. Astound to discover about how great Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai in their special fields and they’ve been all over the world to practice. Their experience is incomparable to any other surgeons. Moreover, the feedbacks and reviews from their patients are all magnificent.

I didn’t waste another minute and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Talking to Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai gives me hope that I can live a normal life. Hearing the procedure of the planned surgery gives me confidence that it will be safe and successful. At the back of my mind is telling me that nothing could go wrong for these two surgeons are experts.

Though the process for jaw surgery consultation needs preparatory procedures, I obediently follow it. First, I need to send an Xray or CTScan for doctors to assess my facial bone structure. After sending them the results, they will make an actual model of my skull to explain to me thoroughly the condition of my jaw.

Then I asked them what they can do to make ma have fuller cheeks, because injecting filler does not leave a natural look. Then they suggested that I can do cheek augmentation, since I’m doing the jaw alignment surgery it will be better to do it in one operation time. That’s actually the best idea!

Jaw Surgery VLine

Picture taken in England when I was studying in the University. DRK has reached England! They are that great!

I had 4D simulation of my facial bone structure to discuss in details the expected result. Though it might not be 100% as the outcome will be, but it is really good to see how I would look like. And it really helps me and the doctor discuss what is needed to be done. DRK has a very high quality of facilities, I must say.

Jaw Surgery VLine

This photo was taken at DRK studio for medical record purposes.

Look closely to my facial structure, you can notice that my lower jaw is sliding to the right, making my face asymmetric. My cheeks are also deep and looked pressed.

My operation will be done in the hospital and will be confined for a night. I am all set for my surgery. I can’t wait to get this done!

Jaw Surgery VLine

Jaw Surgery VLine

At present time, this is 3months after I had Jaw Alignment and Cheek Augmentation with Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai.

My operation went well and I had no complications. I had a very comfortable recovery period because DRK staff assisted me all throughout. Also my doctors never missed a moment of checking up on my condition.

I feel so much alive now after having a correction surgery of my jaw. I have no difficulties in chewing, swallowing, and sleeping apnea. Also I socialize pretty confident now. Moreover, my fuller cheeks from Cheek Augmentation surgery give me a more balance facial structure and make me look younger.

My family and friends are very happy with my transformation. We are so thankful to DRK for making all my ambition come to reality and making my life more meaningful than ever.

Jaw Surgery VLine

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