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VSHAPE face through Chin Augmentation with Titanium Screw Technique

VSHAPE style of the face is the trending look for Asian women nowadays, and one way to achieve it is by adding volume or prominence to the lower part of the face which is the chin.

Hi everyone, I'm Meemy. I'm giving you a peak of my beauty makeover at DRK. As we all know, Korean style of beauty is the most popular face in todays era, and who wouldn't love it? The style of VSHAPE face makes us women look very feminine, and it's cute and adorable.

My concern was the lower part of my face, because it is too blunt and makes my face look square and short, this shape is not for women, and never attractive at all.

To achieve my dream face, the only answer is cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. I have three choices, filler injection, fat transfer and silicone implant. For me filler injection is never my option, because it is a foreign substance and its contents might be harmful to my tissues (who knows). The fat transfer is ok, but since it is to be injected to the chin, a boney area, and if once injected fat, my chin area would look fatty, which is not so natural. Adding a prominence to the chin must be a fix and sturdy material, like silicone.

***this is my chin before I had Chin augmentation***

I have consulted a lot of doctors around Thailand and DRK is the only clinic that impressed me with their high quality services.

When I consulted with Dr. Kolawach, he explained to me thoroughly and completely about the procedure that he's going to do. The shape of the silicone implant is medium but he will design it to fit perfectly to my chin, and secure it with Titanium SCREW, this will keep the silicone in place permanently.

The operation was a success, it didnt hurt me at all. The incision is inside the lower lip touching the chin, which leaves me no visible scar. I have to wear a face garment on my face for three days so it would help reduce the swelling faster, and refrain from eating and drinking hot and spicy food to keep the wound from irritation.

In just a week, I look super normal! I can do things normally and look so much beautiful!

***This is me 1WEEK after my Chin augmentation surgery***

I feel so great with my new look! I'm loving all the angle of my face!

My friends told me that I look like Korean Star now!

It is very surprising because I just didn't get rid of my square chin, but also I feel like my chubby cheeks are gone! Such a magic result!

No more swelling, No bruises, No pain, No scar! My result is perfect! my recovery is very fast!

The beauty makeover that I've done at DRK didn't just change my look but also it changed my life. I feel great about myself, and my confidence gives me positivity in life. My vibes, my mood is always happy and that makes a person more beautiful.

And above all, the beauty of my makeover is excellent, because the material that is used are made in the USA, and done by well-experienced and highly specialized surgeon. I don't have to worry about anything.

My look now is more than what I expected, it gives me million of happiness. I so much achieved the KOREAN VSHAPE look and that's what I want for myself.

I would like to thank DRK for being so helpful and kind to me the entire time, they made me feel comfortable, made my recovery and the whole process easy and safe.

***The following photos are my updates after having Chin augmentation***

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