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Gold Balance Facial Ratio through Chin augmentation

Adding a volume to the chin using implant will provide a better balance to the facial structure thus make the face look stunning beautiful.

Hi everyone, I'm here to share my experience in doing Chin Augmentation at DRK. I know the reason that you are in this webpage because you are on the verge of doing plastic surgery yourself, or could be helping your friend or family to find the best surgeon in town.

I feel you guys, so here's my review, hope this can help you decide.

My concern was my square face, it makes my face look short and round, which is not my desirable look. I want to look like Koreans, VSHAPED face is the trend beauty style nowadays.

I don't want to have the filler injection, because first it doesn't last, second, the foreign substance might have a content that is not compatible with my tissues, I saw some people who had filler injection complication.

*** BEFORE Chin Augmentation procedure***

My face looked round and chubby, also when I look at the sides, my side view is very unbalanced. The less prominence of the chin gave my face an awkward look.

I'm lucky to have found DRK online. They are EVERYWHERE! Many people keeps talking about them, posts and shares a lot of their accomplishments. Also, many celebrities in the country and internationally trust them in changing their look.

Of course, I belong! I went to DRK and had a consultation.

DRK's Chin augmentation surgery uses a silicone implant that is made in the USA, which is trusted by most well-experienced surgeons all over the world. They also CUSTOMIZE the size that will fit accurately to the patient's facial structure, and they secure the implant with a TITANIUM SCREW that will make the silicone stay in place and position it permanently. My chin augmentation surgery was successful, I had NO BLEEDING, NO BRUISES, MINIMAL SWELLING and MANAGEABLE pain! Dr. Beer's hands were very gentle and skillful, it was very comforting and securing operation.

The procedure was done in less than an hour, and they had me rested in the RECOVERY room for couple of minutes till I'm ready to go back home.

***1-3 days after my chin augmentation***

Doctor said I have to wear this face garment to help reduce the swollen faster. Also, I'm advised to not eat spicy and hot food, and hard food, so that it wont irritate the wound inside.

- - - - - - - - - -

***4 days after my Chin augmentation surgery***

Today, doc said my can remove the bandage on my face. When I removed it, I was very surprisingly happy to see that my face looks very fine. No bruises and very light swelling.

I can go back to my normal routine now! I can't wait till the swelling totally subsides so I could see the final result!

***5 days after my chin augmentation procedure***

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

***7 days after my Chin Augmentation surgery***

AMAZING result! I can see the changes in my face, it is now VSHAPED!

I have achieved the look that I've longed for! Thanks to Dr. BEER of DRK for making me beautiful!

My friends and family are very happy to see the changes in me! They said I look different, I look like KPOP now!

***1 month after my Chin Augmentation surgery***

I feel very satisfied with my new look. My confidence built up changes my mood and perspective in life, I am positive and lively because once you feel good about yourself, you will feel independent and contented. And that's a kind of happiness that stays longer, and when it comes from you, nobody can take that happiness away from you.

I am very grateful for having DRK as my BEAUTY MAKER.

They made my dream beauty come true, and more to that I was 100% safe the entire time, from day 1 up to now.

My face is balanced now, with the correct prominence of the chin which is 1/3 ratio of the facial structure. Moreover, the VSHAPE face gives me the look of a sexy lady. No more chubby round shaped face.

************* After the chin. *************

Thank you so much DRK for making my beauty dream come true.

I will surely come back for more beauty makeover!

Thank you for reading guys, I hope this helps on your search to becoming beautiful. Good luck! ^^

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