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Enhance Eyelid for a Younger looking eyes by DRK

We are being judged by our age by how our skin, face sagginess, how many fine lines we have, and also the droppiness of our eyes.

And the eyes are the first part that people would notice, because it is the first thing they would look at when you talk to them or have contact with.

As for my case, people's first impression to me is, always older than my age. OLD, TIRED, SLEEPY, and BORED. Getting all these negative feedback on how my eyes look like, makes me lose my confidence by the minute.

**Before I had Double Eyelid Surgery**

My eyes look sad which makes me look older and boring. I wanna give more definition to my eyes and have a better expression of it. I want open defined eyes like a doll. In that way, I would look bright and younger.

I don't want to put heavy eyeliner, or too obvious fake cosmetic stickers to emphasize the upper eyelid. I want it permanent and natural looking, so I knew the only way to achieve it is through plastic surgery.

Thailand is one of the famous hub of plastic surgery, and I am lucky to be living here, I don't need to fly anywhere else to achieve the eyes that I desire.

But Thailand has many clinics, hospitals that somehow give me confusion on which one is better than who. So I did a very painstaking research.

Glad to found DRK, they have the highest rating in plastic surgery. All their surgeons have specialized fields with practices in more than 10,000 cases and have research studies and seminars around the globe. The feedback from their patients are extremely fascinating with incredible results. Plus their facilities and OR utilities are innovative and complete for surgery.

On the day of my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, I was very happy to meet him. He was straightforward and very professional on how he explains the procedure and expected result to me.

My operation was a success. Dr. Kolawach's bloodless technique was securing, leaving me no bleeding and no harm to my eyes.

**This is how I look like after my double eyelid surgery**

The wound is close and no signs of infection or complications.

I am happy to see that in just a week, the incision is almost like the normal crease that I had. No signs of terrible scarring. My recovery was very fast and comfortable.

This is the 7th day after my double eyelid surgery. It is a bit swollen, but it's not painful anymore. I can now do my normal routine as before. Now, I patiently wait as this swelling totally subsides.

My friends are amazed to see me transform in just a week. They call me Dolly now. hahaha

**2 weeks after my double eyelid surgery**

No more swelling! I feel younger than ever! People cannot tell my age right! They think I'm still in early or mid 20s, while in fact I'm 10 years older! hahahha

That is age defying strategy 101! I am very lucky to have DRK as my beauty maker!

**1 month later after my double eyelid surgery**

If you take a look from my "before" photo, my eyes were droopy and sagging, but it is more defined and lifted which makes me look brighter and younger.

I am very satisfied with the result, because I got the eyes that I wanted. My confidence about myself boosted and I am happy everyday.

Dolly eyes achieved!

With more defined and higher crease, my look changed from dull to dolly!

I feel so much younger every time I look at the mirror! People also say that I look young!

Thank you Dr. Kolawach for giving me the younger and beautiful look that I've dreamed of.

To anyone who wants to achieve the beauty that changes you into something incredibly magical, come to DRK and talk to any of their surgeons. You will witness how everything is proper and professional. All the good stuff is here! You will never regret it!

This is me young and fresh look!

I will update you soon for more of my Young Dolly eyes!

Thank you for reading everyone ^^

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