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Look beautiful with expressive eyes through Double Eyelid Surgery

Discovering new kind of beauty by enhancing the shape of the eyes and defining the crease.

Everybody has insecurities about theirselves, no matter how people think they are already "fine" and does not need any improvement on their looks. Still, we are never contented of what we have.

And as for me, I am never confident about the shape of my eyes. As you can see, my upper eyelid crease is too close to my eyes making it appear monolid. And I would like to open my eyes to have a lovely dolly look!

For Asian, this kind of eyes is common, and most Asians don't like it. Some of us are lucky to be brave and courageous enough to undergo plastic surgery to improve this unwanted feature.

Since my sister had a buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach at DRK, I saw the result from her surgery and how it transformed her. You can check her review here at

She gained confidence after achieving her desired result to have slim cheeks, and I saw her during the first week, it was incredibly comfortable for her!

So I came to DRK and had a DOUBLE EYELID SURGERY.

During my consultation, Dr. Kolawach explained to me thoroughly and completely the procedure that I'm going to have. He will do the natural adhesive double eyelid surgery with full incision to make a definition to my eyes and make it expressive rather than dull.

My operation was successful. DRK medical personnel helped me before and after the operation. They assisted me professionally with all my needs and made sure I'm well prepared for the operation.

Dr. Kolawach's hands were very gentle, it didn't hurt me a bit. When the anesthesia effects kicked in, everything went well.

It was a BLOODLESS technique leaving me not much bruises and swelling the following day of my surgery. I was really surprised seeing my eyes very light effect after the surgery. I only look like I overslept 5555

**DAY 3 after**

If you can notice, my eyes look so much better. The height of my upper eyelid is perfectly emphasized. I love it so much! The definition and how natural it looks like makes me very happy!

**DAY 5 after**

Everyday my eyes gets better. But today, I am back to my daily routine. I went to school, meet friends, eat regularly and I'm feeling better. My classmates are very shocked and amazed to see my eyes so beautiful just 5 days after my surgery! They want to meet my doctor too!

**1 WEEK after**

Today I feel great! It's been a week and all I can see is my perfect LOVELY DOLLY eyes that I desired!

Notice the before and after comparison of my eyes.

From boring and dull monolid to lovely dolly doublelid! AMAZING right?! I am very satisfied and happy to see the outcome of my operation. All of my friends and relatives are giving me compliments that I look differently wonderful and my vibe changed positively.

I am loving my transformation inside out!

**2 weeks after**

See the definition of my eyes, NO EYELINER needed! My eyes are expressive with natural look!

I am forever grateful to my BEAUTY MAKER Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri for making my eyes lovely than ever! And for keeping me safe and sound all throughout from day1.

Now I have confidence about how my eyes look like, I feel more beautiful and charming with my expressive eyes. My family and my sister love the result, I am very happy to see that people appreciate my transformation. But surely, I will come back for more beauty creations from DRK!

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