>> Double eyelid Big Eyes like a Barbie by DRK. <<

I got more TV, commercials, Magazines and movie offers after I had my double eyelid surgery with DRK.

As a rising actress in Myanmar, I need to look more beautiful and attractive in photoshoots and videos to compete with stars around me. I have not much insecurity with my looks but my eyes. I always have to wear cosmetic eyelids to create a crease on my upper eye to make it look bigger. If I don’t wear makeup, my eyes look small and swollen. My loved ones, manager including crews at work also think the same way, so we searched around Myanmar to do the double eyelid surgery.

The search was very difficult, because I couldn’t find the right doctor who can understand what I wanted. So we tried to look over medical tourism in Asia, and the best country to perform plastic surgery is Thailand.

I targeted Bangkok because it is the capital, and I come and go very often. I kinda know the place well. There are many hospitals and clinics we went to, after a long year of searching, I found DRK.

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Keaw was magnificent, they already understood what I want and provided me information clearly. They answered all my questions and were straightforward to give me plain and honest solutions, which made me really confident to do the surgery with them.

Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Keaw measured the millimeter of how far I can get a natural double eyelid, just enough get the desired look that I want- which is having big eyes like a Barbie doll.

We all agree with its size and come up with an exciting expected result.

This is me before my double eyelid surgery, although in this picture I wore cosmetic eyelid but still I am not contented with what it can change in my look.

My operation was very quick, it took for only an hour or less.

That’s how expert and skilled my doctors are. I am able to go back to my home right after a few minutes of rest in the recovery area. It was “BLOODLESS” technique that’s why I don’t have may terrible swelling and bruises after, lucky not to feel pain too. hehehe

On my 3rd day after the double eyelid surgery at DRK.

I came back for another follow up, my doctors said my incision is getting better, no complication and it is healing fast. I can’t wait to get the stictches out on the 5th day.

It’s now that 7th day after my double eyelid surgery at DRK.

Im so glad I can put make up now, no pain, no swelling and no bruises.

I am so ready to go back home and show my friends and relatives my natural new look.

But before going back home, I took a photo of my most lovable and famous doctor in Thailand. I am proud to be his patient. And very satisfied with what he did for my eyes.

2 weeks after my double eyelid surgery with DRK. I am getting ready for TV shoots now… putting makeup is easier than before. I don’t have to wear that cosmetic fake eyelid just to give me a big eyes look. My manager and TV crews are amazed to see me. They are all surprised with my natural looking double eyelid.

I had more projects now, more recommendations from agencies and I got mostly all the auditions that I get into.

After my double eyelid with DRK, my career boosted up. I am very lucky to choose the right doctors to give me the look that I have been dreaming for so long.

Three weeks after my double eyelid surgery with DRK.

Another upcoming movie that I am casted… photoshoots for some magazines and commercials… Now I am the youngest rising star in Myanmar.

I am really really so happy with the blessings I get…

One month after my double eyelid surgery with DRK.

I had a dinner with my colleagues for celebrating my blooming career.

I wanna share it to DRK and to you guys.

This is me now, 2 months after my double eyelid surgery with DRK.

Endless appreciation to my doctors Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Keaw for this marvelous makeover. I owe them many things, my confidence, my natural eyelids, making my dream come true and just everything, emotional support too during my recovery period.

And to all DRK team who was there for me, making me comfortable and assisted me all the time.

Now, everything is perfect. I got all I wanted, and I am giving back to those who were with me before. And part of them is DRK. You will forever be in my heart, and I always carry your name with me wherever I go.

Till we see each other again. Love and kisses from Myanmar.

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