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>> Real Story Review by Mr. Arm with Dr. Beer <<

Hello everyone,let me introduce myself I am Nee, I share to you my experience in doing

rhinoplasty at DRK with Dr. Kolawach.

First of all I admit that I have a lot of insecurities about myself. I am not saying that I’m an

unhappy person but I am just honest to myself that I need to change something to

achieve the look that I want. Please don't judge me if I want to change myself, because I

believe that everyone has the right to do whatever the desire to make him happy.

So as I assessed myself, I wanna start to do my nose. I look at it and wonder how would I

look like if I enhance it. So it was my first project. I asked my family and friends about this

idea and they gave me their full support. They helped me look around in Bangkok for the

best doctor, and meeting all of them. Though none of those interest me and gave me

complete confidence to entrust my rhinoplasty surgery.

Until we saw DRK in the website. We were really intrigued about the reviews from their

patients. Also the doctors achievements and reputation are remarkable.

Making an appointment with Dr. Kolawach was not that easy because the queue is very

long, a lot of patients are so eager to do surgery with him. I waited for a month to finally

get an appointment and it was all worth waiting.

This is me before I had rhinoplasty nose lift with Dr. Kolawach. As you look at my nose, the

bridge at the center of the eyes are very low and my nose tip is pointed high leaving my

alar opening wide.

Dr. Kolawach advised me to have the male style rhinoplasty, high nose bridge and a bit

pointed nose tip. The result will give more definite shape and more prominent, just right

for my facial structure. He measured my nose for the customized silicon (from USA) that

would fit perfectly for my nose. I was very confident that he is doing the right computation

and carving my personalized silicon.

This is me 3 days after I had rhinoplasty nose lift with Dr. Kolawach. I went to DRK for

follow up and removal of bandages. My nose is still swollen, and a minimal bruises at the

lower eyes but no pain at all. This is very less reaction compared to what I can see with

other people after having rhinoplasty, they look scary and terrible but mine was very least.

This is me now 2 weeks after my rhinoplasty nose lift with Dr. Kolawach. Doctor said I still

have to wait for more 4-6 weeks to let the tissue completely healed and swelling has

totally subsided.

I will update you more for photos of me. It’s gonna be very surprising, as I am looking

forward to do more plastic surgery with Dr. Kolawach. I will continue my other planned

and desired surgery with DRK because now I can tell that they have the best services and

excellent results.

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