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Double eyelid surgery for Sexy Eyes by DRK

Get a natural defined crease, and achieve the sexiest and most expressive eyes on earth!

Hello friends, I would like to introduce myself. I’m May and I’m here today to share with you my

experience in having double eyelid blepharoplasty at DRK and how it changed my life incredibly.

To begin with my story, like many Asian problems, one of our natural eye structures is either having no

upper eyelid, or got a very short almost no eyelids at all. Mine was too low and short eyelid. It is difficult

to put makeup to emphasize the eyes and give life to it.

My eyes look sleepy and tired because of having short and low eyelid, and I don’t feel confident by it. I

want to have gorgeous eyes by enhancing its crease and give more definition to it.

And in this generation, there are lots of cosmetic techniques to enhance the looks of the eyes, but

cosmetic products are never enough. I want something that is permanent, and natural result even

without makeup.

So plastic surgery is the perfect choice to meet my expectation. Although, it’s not like buying clothes that

if it doesn’t look right on you, you can just buy take it off and buy something new. For me, I want my

procedure to be one-time. No rooms for mistakes and no chance of getting complications during and

after the operation.

I did my research painstakingly, and ran into a lot of options. But only one doctor got my attention the

most and impressed me with all the reviews given to him, and that’s Dr. Korn from DRK.

As I read through his professional background and experience, it is very astounding! So I picked up the

phone and called for a consultation.

******* Check the photos before I had the double eyelid surgery *******

As you can notice, my eyes before are boring and unattractive. Those sleepy tired looking

eyes were never sexy, and will never look sexy especially if your personality is feisty and exuberant.

I wanted an eyes that emphasizes and gives expression to your emotions and mood, and

that requires a defined double eyelid.

Notice the eyelid of the photo above, I want something like that.

The eyes are properly expressed and noted. And Dr. Korn

can make that possible for me. I am really impressed with how

Dr. Korn operated my eyes to perfection. During my surgery, his hands moved very skillful

and gentle. It made me feel secure and comfortable the entire procedure.

The whole DRK medical personnel assisted me to recovery room and monitored me until I

was ready to go back home. The whole experience was very professional and luxury at the

same time, it was like I was in a hospital and hotel at the same time!

For 3 days, my eyes were a bit swollen, but with the medicines that I took and cold packs,

it subsided right away. And in just a week, I went back to normal. I didn’t have

complications or troubles during the recovery process.

1 week after my Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn.

Incredible, isn’t it? In just 7 days, my eyes are perfect! I can put makeup as usual.

My friends were all amazed by the result and very envious of me now hahhahha

At this time, no more swelling, no bruises and no pain. More importantly, NO SCAR! Which definitely

make my eyes very natural!

For new people that I meet, they cannot tell that I did surgery on my upper eyelid.

That’s the “NATURAL” Double eyelid crease! Witness how incredible and amazing my outcome

from Dr. Korn. I cannot get this result from any other surgeons I know.

All my wearies about my eyes before is now gone, because Dr. Korn

make my dream eye come true! It was a very perfect decision to choose

Dr. Korn for this procedure!

***Comparative pictures***.

Before and after of my eyes.

I am very happy with my new sexy and beautiful eyes. I couldn’t ask for more, this is the

best result than I have expected. It is definitely incredible and such a magical moment

happened in my life.

****** Update after 1 month ******

My confidence has built up after my double eyelid surgery. It literally made my life

fantastic. My friends and family are happy to see me happy. And the transition in my

attitude and mood, it shows to my personality and my beautiful eyes express it


Thank you Dr. Korn and DRK team for giving me the “Sexy Eyes” that I’ve been longing for

so long.

I believe that DRK can really make your dreams come true. It happened to many patients,

and it happened to me. Make it happen to you too.

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