Redesign nose to S-Curve Korean Style

Give your nose a second chance and get your confidence build up in an instant! S-Curve Nose Line for a feminine face!

Hi guys I'm the Miss Grand Rising Star 2016.

If you still remember me, I showed up in some TV shows and interviews in the country. I had a lot of invitations from media after I had my nose revised at DRK and from that moment on my confidence has boosted up.

For starters, I already know DRK because I choose them to take care of my skin with their most innovative technologies.

The picture below shows my TITAN laser treatment with Dr. Pui.

TITAN is for face and neck lift and would last for a year. The effect is very visible immediately after one treatment! it is very fantastic! no need for thread lifting and no downtime! No pain and no harmless reaction to my face....

This time, I had a SNOW WHITE VITAMIN C injection.

Vitamin C injection at DRK is not just a normal vitamin C injection that you can find in every clinic. They have special ingredient for the skin to look bright and smooth at the same time, with no harm effects in the body. It has collagen booster formula that will make the skin glow and look younger as ever!

I'm also having a Thermal Honey laser, an innovation from Korea.

Thermal Honey makes my face firm and VSHAPE without the need of surgery, the result lasts for a year! I really really like it because I can achieve the VSHAPE look without SCAR and NO DOWNTIME!

The photo below is me before I had revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach.

As you can see, my silicone design from my previous rhinoplasty surgery was too straight. It has no dimension and it leaves no balance to my facial structure, making it look unnatural.

**before my revision rhinoplasty at DRK**

As you can notice, my nasal bridge is too wide and big, I really really hate my silicone design from the previous surgeon that I had.

And because of this, I've decided to have another rhinoplasty. And luckily, I don't have to go anywhere, because I have discovered DRK already!

I've known DRK for quite sometime, and every time I go there to have my beauty maintenance, I always see lots of patients doing plastic surgery, and I see all of them being very happy with their results.

I also see a lot of celebrity in the country doing plastic surgery and beauty treatments. I am very impressed with how DRK is taking care of their patients and giving them the best result they wanted.

I had my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, and I am relieved to know that he can correct and redesign my nose. Dr. Kolawach explained to me very clearly and thoroughly, he made sure that I fully understand the procedure that I will be having.

Dr. Kolawach gave me a realistic expected outcome, which that in all honesty gave me all the confidence that I will certainly do the revision rhinoplasty with him.

Above photo is my old silicone implant, I'm very glad that is it removed now. That old silicone got no shape and just dull straight. I was never satisfied with the result I got before, but I'm now happy that I changed it with DRK.

My operation was very safe and securing. It was even better than my previous rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Kolawach made me feel comfortable the entire operation, and his medical team monitored me all throughout which made me feel so safe.

**The following day after my revision rhinoplasty**

My nose is still swollen, but I am happy that I have no bruises around my face. Also, the pain is bearable. The medicines that doctor gave me are very effective. I also have to apply ice pack to help reduce the swelling faster.

**2nd day after the surgery**

Getting better now. ^^

No problem or complication.

** Day 3 after the revision rhinoplasty**

I had a follow up with Dr. Kolawach, and the nurse removed the plaster on my nose.

I am very happy and surprised that I got no terrible bruises. It's amazing to see that my recovery isn't so bad!

**Day 4**

Do you see the slope curve on my nose? I can't wait till the swollen completely subsides! On the 4th day after surgery, my life is back to normal. I can practically do my daily routine without any worries of getting troubled.

**Day 5**

I went to DRK event at Thailand Conventional Center. Dr. Kolawach shared his experience doing plastic surgery to some celebrities in Thailand, including Mr. Pak (Thai Model and actor )who had revision rhinoplasty, Ms. Kung (Ms. Universe Thailand) who had buccal fat removal surgery.

**Day 6**

**One week after my revision rhinoplasty**

Surprisingly outstanding result! In just one week I am already to be a model once and for all. I got a perfect nose and I can do everything as of from now.

Discover the new nose line that gives more dimension to the face and achieve a gold balance facial ratio.

Only DRK can make your dream beauty come true!

See the difference of my before and after photo, the curve of my design implant really made an impression! The height of my nose and the nose tip is really magnificent!

My confidence and new look is made to happen by Dr. Beer and I am very grateful to his great work, and making things possible and easy for me.

Not just I got a beautiful result, I also have an easy and comfortable recovery time because of the "BLOODLESS" technique and gentle hands...

Also thank you DRK team for taking care of me and assisting me all the way.

See you all soon for more beauty makeovers!

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