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Korean Beauty to look younger and lovely, Revision Rhinoplasty and Fat Graft filler by Dr. Beer

Korean S-Curve Contour combination of nose augmentation and filling fat graft to achieve the prettiest face like Koreans!

DRK's signature BLOODLESS technique assures you fast and comfortable recovery, you can go back to your normal routine instantly!

Hi everyone, I’m Min and I’m here to share with you my beauty makeover with Dr. Beer by having my nose job corrected and fat graft filler.

These are my photos before my revision rhinoplasty and fat graft filler.

As you can notice, my nose is deviated because of the silicone implant was dislocated. My forehead looks wide because it is flat, temples are deep and also the eyes look sunken and my cheeks are pressed which makes me look older than my age.

My story goes like this- let’s start with my nose. I had a rhinoplasty done for 3 times in the past from different doctors, but I was never satisfied with the result. The shape of the silicone either to wide and too tall, it never looked natural and beautiful on me. The last result I had after doing rhinoplasty in other clinic, the silicone got deviated, and my nose look very bad because of it. I lose my confidence for some time and I couldn’t look myself at the mirror.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research about best doctors in Thailand, it’s been difficult to trust another surgeon again, because I don’t want to have another failure of rhinoplasty result. I want it all done, no more mistakes and most of all a confidence that I’ve yearned for.

Another thing I am concerned about is my old-looking face, because of my deep cheeks, sunken eyes, and hollowed temples, also my wide forehead feels like a bit off because it seems to be flat.

Many people go to Korean to have a plastic surgery, but the cost is very expensive for normal people. But if I get the same outcome here in Thailand, I would choose Thailand because the cost is cheaper and also the cost of living would be in my budget. It would be wiser to do the cosmetic surgery here.

So as I look around, I ran across DRK beauty clinic, the doctors they have are all well-experienced and known around the country and neighboring countries. They have good reputation in perfecting plastic surgery and achieving a natural beauty. Most celebrities chose and trust DRK in changing their appearance and maintaining beauty at all times.

I choose Dr. Beer to do my revision rhinoplasty plus nasal bone reduction. We talked about what procedure he’s gonna do, first to customize the silicone implant (made in the USA) and design it an S-Curve to have a Korean style nose, and narrow the nasal bone at the sides to make my nose look cute.

And for my fat graft filler, he will extract fat from my thighs and some will be injected to my forehead, temples, under eyes and cheeks and some will be processed to stimulate stem cell formula and together inject it to my face to get a long lasting and permanent result.

I’m here at DRK clinic now, and it’s the day of my operation. I am very excited to get my nose revised and look younger with fat liposuction.

DRK staff took care of me, prepared me before my operation. DRK facilities are just like in the hospital, using sterile technique and innovative technologies to support the needs of the medical staff and patient for the operation.

Finally, in less than 2 hours, my operation was finished.

  1. Revision rhinoplasty : to correct my deviated nose, and designed my new silicone implant to S-Curve like the Korean Style Nose Line.

  2. Nasal Bone reduction : to remove the big bone of my nose, and narrow it for slimmer and cute look

  3. Fat graft filler with stem cell enriched formulation : forehead area to create a balance and feminine look, temples, under eyes and cheeks to create a plump and younger look.

Notice the difference of the shape and curve line of my new designed silicone implant by Dr. Beer. My nose could be swollen a bit but the S-Curve shape is very noticeable and this is exactly how I wanted it to be.

My operation was very securing and comfortable. Dr. Beer’s hands were very gentle and he made sure I feel comfortable the entire operation. As DRK’s signature BLOODLESS technique, the operation cost me no bleeding or any harmful effects. In fact as you can see, I have no bruises, no terrible swelling and bleeding after the operation.

On the following day, I had some slight bruises and swollen under my eyes, but the pain is very light, it is manageable by the pain killer medicines that doctor gave to me. I apply cold packs on the operated area to help the swelling reduce faster.

2nd day after, everything got better. As you can see, the bruises were gone and swelling has subsided… although I need more rest to get it totally healed faster than expected. I am just really happy that I don’t have terrible look now.

On the 3rd day, I had my first follow up with Dr. Beer. As he checked my condition, I am glad to hear that everything is alright. The nurse removed the plasters over my nose and cleaned my incision area under the nostril. Although I see some bruises on the nose area, I don’t feel worried because I know that this is normal and everything will get better soon. The bruises is actually a mild reaction from the nasal bone reduction.

4the day

Surprisingly, everything got better at this moment. No more bruises but the swelling is still visible. I’m still happy that I don’t look terrible, and no more pain.

Ohoi! 5th day is incredible day! Everything is back to normal! I went out to see my friends, and they are very surprised to see my result! My nose and my plumped face made me look different and younger!

I got a lot of compliments! Some say I look like a Korean or half Korean. My confidence are building up and I’m loving it!

I’m very satisfied with the result I got from revision rhinoplasty and fat graft filler.

Dr. Beer really did a good job in fulfilling my dreams and making them come true. In just less than a week, I come back to normal life like I almost did not do any surgery at all.

7th day after my revision rhinoplasty and fat graft filler.

My last follow up to complete, as I talk to Dr. Beer, we are both happy to see that we achieved the look that we foresee on the consultation day.

I am very happy to have the Korean look that I’ve been dreaming for so long, and now I have achieved it with no complications. Especially the changes in my nose, the S-Curve like the Koreans is very outstanding. Plus the fat graft on my face made me look plump like Koreans too!

After a month, everything is back to normal... no more bruises, no more swelling and now I can see the perfect shape of my nose, and the plump contour of my face.

People say I look different and young. I get a lot of praises from my colleagues for my new Korean look and cute face!

My life change after having my beauty makeover done with Dr. Beer, the angle of my nose is perfectly curved and the nasal reduction on the side of the nasal bridge really made my nose look cute like a Barbie.

My forehead and temples has contour of balance ratio to my whole facial structure. My lower eyes are not sunken anymore and my cheeks are plumped. This is the Korean Style face contour, and I have achieved it without going to Korea!\

DRK knows how to do plastic surgery like Koreans! Magic hands from DRK surgeons!

My confidence has building up after seeing permanent result from my surgery. The fat graft filler on my forehead, temples, under eyes and cheeks are prominent. With the STEM CELL FORMULA that Dr. Beer added to my fat, it made the fat injected remained for 70-80%, and because Dr. Beer injected more just enough, his calculation for the fat transfer to remain is just PERFECT! His anticipation of measuring the fat absorbed back to the body and the fat that remains on the area injected is accurate. Dr. Beer is really an expert to this procedure!

My friends and relatives are very happy to see me change physically and emotionally. I realized how your physical aspect affects your emotions. When you feel good outside, you will definitely feel good inside. Happiness can be acquired in many aspects, and looking great is of course one of it. Grooming yourself is important to attain and boost confidence.

I am very grateful and lucky to have my beauty makeover with Dr. Beer at DRK, Bangkok Thailand. No need to go to Korea to look beautiful like Koreans. DRK can make your dream look come true in an instant! Safe and permanent result!

My beauty makeover at DRK is the best thing that ever happened to my life, because since then everything inside me and around me has change. Not just that I look beautiful now, but my vision in life is very positive and it can affect my judgment.

So I'm saying this once again, thank you Dr. Beer for making me beautiful and by this I have achieved my desired look and gave me the confidence that I need.

I also want to thank the whole DRK Team for taking care of me and making me comfortable and at ease the entire recovery period.

I will see you all again very soon! ^^

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