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Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

A mother's number one problem after giving birth and having breastfed is the SAGGY breasts. And after a while, we all feel ugly and unattractive because of droopy and flabby boobs.Being a mom is not an excuse to look not sexy, or live up with the "that's normal mommy figure" impression from people, even mommy can still look sexy like a bachelor.

I don't want to lose my confidence just because I become a mom, I'm careful with my diet and I do exercise everyday just to keep my figure, but the sagging of breast is unchangeable by home methods and DIY remedies.

I have recommendations from my friends to do breast lift and breast augmentation at DRK because the surgeons are experts and well-experienced in doing all variations and specialized to breast surgery. So I checked them on the website, and I am very impressed with the testimonials and outcome they have presented. All remarkable and outstanding results!

See pictures before surgery.

During my consultation, Dr. Kolawach explained to me the procedures that are needed to be done to achieve the best possible result. Doctor will use Mentor Silicone Implant (made in the USA) and round in shape (to get a perfect balance look), the implant position will be under the muscle.

I fully understood Dr. Kolawach's explanation, and I feel very secured with all his techniques. Also, the operation will be done in a JCI accredited hospital, and I will be staying there for a night, let the hospital staff take care of me 2hrs after the surgery.

On the 5th day after my breast augmentation.

I am very happy that I didn't have complications or any infections in the first week, which the worse things can happen.

I didn't have any bruises, less swelling and manageable.

DRK gave me a very useful support bra to use in 3 months to help reduce the swelling faster and position the implant in place.

In just two months, I can do my normal routine.

My confidence has grown after having a nicely done pushed up boobs. No more saggy small breasts. My husband is also happy with the result I have.

My life has changed because of DRK, for making me feel good about myself. My breast augmentation is successful.

Notice the changes at the side view, the outcome is really magnificent.

Beautiful and natural, also when it is being touched, it is just like touching a natural breast. Mentor silicone implant is really the best material.

Thank you Dr. Kolawach for making my dream breasts come true, and giving me the most comfortable and easiest recovery time ever.

I will surely come back for more mommy makeover to keep me look and feel young forever!

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