Natural Pretty Eyes through Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach

Behind a beautiful eyes lies a happy confident heart! No more heavy thick eyeliners, you can have permanent natural double eyelid in just one procedure!

Hi, I'm Queen Ta Thi Minh. I would like to share with you my experience in doing Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach. This may help you with your desire and plan to change the shape of your eyes and how they express.

As typical Asian eyes, I was born with mono eyelid. meaning I have no crease fold at my upper eyelid which leaves me a look of a puffy eyes, sleepy, just-cried, tired and expressionless.

There are lots of ways to trick the eyelids, like makeup and cosmetic plastic to make a fold on the eyes. But all these cheats are very temporary that you have to do it everyday and yet be very careful not to ruin it during the day, otherwise retouching is really difficult and inconvenient.

**before I had double eyelid surgery**

Look at my eyes when I smile, it's like my eyes are gone. hahaha

So my solution to this boring eyes leads me to plastic surgery. I heard many techniques to achieve double eyelid, yet I don't know what is the best procedure for me.

I need to find the perfect surgeon that will make me look beautiful!

Looking around good surgeons in Bangkok is easy, why? because almost all hospitals and clinics are good in marketing strategies. So what I did? I did filtering, I checked doctor's profile (background and experience), their facilities, and patients' reviews. Then I go for a consultation.

Talking to your surgeon is very important, you both must have clear understand of how and what your surgery and outcome is going to be. If these are unclear to you, go find the next surgeon. Do not be in a hurry to do it. All you have is time, and you have to do it once.

I am so lucky to meet Dr. Kolawach!

When I had my consultation with him, I knew to my heart and mind that he is the surgeon that will make me look the best!

He explained to me clearly that I will have double eyelid full incision, for me to get more formed and definition to my eyes. Also the effect will be long lasting. He will use absorbable stitches and fat conserving technique. Also the signature Bloodless technique of DRK will be applied.

I am so excited to do my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach and get the Lovely Eyes that I most desired!

**OR facility of DRK on preparation of my double eyelid surgery**

DRK medical personnel are very careful on their responsibilities in the operating room. They painstakingly measured my vitals and strictly prepared me for surgery.

It made me very comfortable and secured having a first class high standard quality of service and assures me that I wont have any complication or infections during or after the surgery.

**Dr. Kolawach's hands are very gentle. I can feel that the way he moves, he is really an expert of what he is doing.**

Signature "BLOODLESS" Technique by DRK. With this technique, there is no bleeding, therefore I will not have terrible bruises and swelling after the procedure. More to that, it will not be painful as other doctors will do it! hahahah sorry for that, but I saw from my other friends, they look scary after their double eyelid surgery.

Immediately after my double eyelid surgery!!!

I am so relieved to finally got it done! Now it would be swollen but doctor advised me to apply cold packs and take my prescribed medicines regularly, and everything will be alright.

Of course, I trust my doctor for he knows what is best and I do believe that he will not let anything bad happen to his patients. After the operation, I rested in the recovery for a few minutes and good to go back home and continue my rest.

** same day after my surgery**

At this moment, there's no pain I guess the anesthesia still has its effects. But I look better than I expected which is also a good enough.

** same day after my surgery**At this moment, there's no pain I guess the anesthesia still has its effects. But I look better than I expected which is also a good enough.

** 2 days after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

My eyes are getting better on its second day! amazing! I still continue my meds and apply cold packs to help heal faster.

**3rd day after my double eyelid surgery**

Each day my healing is getting better and better. I am very surprised to see that my upper eyelids are getting back to normal. My incisions are almost close. Actually already closed!

** 5 days after my double eyelid surgery**

I went out to see my friends! hahaha I feel fine now and life is back to normal!

** 1 week after my double eyelid surgery**

in just one week, i can see the result and everything is so much better! Really amazing recovery! all my friends are surprised and amazed with how FAST I recovered!

My confidence right now is high up in the sky! hahahaha my friends wanted to go to DRK and have the operation same as mine! They all love the result!:D

** comparison of before and after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

Observe the difference, it is naturally defined. Nobody could tell I did surgery if not those people who knew me before. Most importantly I achieved the look that I want. Dr. Kolawach is really the best doctor for me! I made the right decision to choose him as my Beauty Maker! ^^

I recommend you to come have a consultation with DRK surgeons, I guarantee you, your time will not be wasted!

All DRK surgeons are professionals and experts in their field. They would understand your concern and give you honest and straightforward advice.

I am very happy to achieve the looks that I have been wanting for years. Now that I finally possess the expressive eyes, I am more confident with myself and my everyday mood is lively and positive! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

I also had SKIN REJUVENATION laser treatment at DRK to maintain my radiant skin. This laser device will help smoothen the skin, tightens the pores and makes the face look brighter for younger and fresher look!

Come and have a try! Affordable and reasonable price!

Be beautiful and be happy!

Pls follow me on Instagram at @queen_minthita

Thank you so much for reading! till next time! ^^


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