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Natural Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Beer

Improve self image by redefining eye shape for a younger and lovely look.

As Asian, it is normal to have monolid or one eyelid, this conventional eye shape makes us look tired, sleepy, shabby and old. There are natural ways to create a double eyelid, makeup eyeliners, stickers or pasting face eyelids just to create a fine line separating the lashes from the sloppy eyelids. The everyday hassle of putting them on and the fret of it could fall off or take off accidentally.

In Thailand, double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is one of the common plastic surgery procedure to be done as most of us have this kind of condition. I see it with my friends but I don’t really like the result that they have… some are too unnatural and doesn’t look right.

One day I watch TV and I saw my favorite actress, she said she did surgery at DRK, so then I checked it right away.

Reading about DRK surgeons, facilities, patient reviews, I felt like I found a gem. I called to them right away and made an appointment with Dr. Beer.

**Before I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

I chose Dr. Beer because he has good reviews from his patients, and the results are what I wanted for myself, especially my admired TV actress.

During my consultation with him, he made me understand my condition and what he can do to enhance it. Give a definition and make it look as natural as possible. I will have mini incision, not that long so it will not create much scar on the eyelids. Also I don’t need the full incision because I’m not that old to have that procedure. I agree with what Dr. Beer said, and I trust him.

**Immediately after I had Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

The operation was a success, I had no bleeding, no pain, and it finished within an hour. As you can see, my incision is very plain and nice. No bleeding, no bruises and very minimal swelling.

Doctor advised me to apply ice pack for 2-3 days and take my medicines as prescribed religiously.

**3days after my Double Eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

My condition gets better everyday, lucky not to have bruises and pain, although a bit swollen. Still, I’m very happy with my recovery aftercare, it’s not like what my friends undergone. They have many complaints from bleeding, swollen and unmanageable pain.

**7days after I had Double eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

Everything’s back to normal now… I can do things as usual, I don’t feel any pain and I can do my daily routine without any problem.

** 2 weeks after my Double eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

It’s been a month now since my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer.

I feel very lucky because I found DRK as my beauty creator. My life has really changed, my mood and my character is more lively and cheerful. My confidence about myself has grown and it feels good inside.

**Two months after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Beer**

The feeling of changing my look to enhance my appearance is a life altering experience, in a sense that the change happened not only outside but most importantly inside. The character you express everyday radiates to the people around you. And that where the good things starts.

That's why I am very fortunate and thankful to DRK and Dr. Beer for giving me the chance to open a new window of extraordinary happiness.

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